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low - drums and guns

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Drums and Guns is the latest collection of songs by Low.

Recorded with Dave Fridmann and joined by Matt Livingston on bass; Alan Sparhawk and Mimi Parker have created a soundtrack for post-traumatic shock.

One imagines a world seen through night goggles; abandonment at the ravaged frontiers of a puppet state; the brainwashed hysteria of teenage guerrillas planting IEDs.

The menace breathes and seethes in silence, in a malefic dreamtime.

The voicesbracing and seductiveare upfront and clear.

The beats skitter as textures evaporate.

The arrangements have been robbed of all their valuables.

The message is clear.

This is the most important album of the year.

Jonathan Poneman, Dec. 2006

Drums and Guns is the bands eighth full-length album and second for Sub Pop. Its also, after 2005s The Great Destroyer, the second album theyve recorded with producer Dave Fridmann. Drums and Guns features a number of songs that ardent Low fans will recognize from the bands recent live shows. These songs appear here in substantially altered forms, as though theyve been taken apart and reassembled in striking new ways. Theres no contrivance here, however. While these songs feature new elements (looped vocals, drum machines, etc.) and are thoroughly, radiantly contemporary, they remain undeniably Lows. Drums and Guns possesses the unique, subtle beauty and power weve come to expect from Low, and the record is also a breathtaking step forward.

If you pre-order the new Low album by March 20th on subpop.com we will include a 7 vinyl single of Hatchet (Optimimi Version) b/w Breaker (Dub Plate) for FREE! These are totally different, completely re-worked versions of the songs found on the album and they are GOOD.


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