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Totally mad polish CGI short film...WTF!


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I just watched the first one and didn't get it. Anyone care to explain as i feel very stupid now?


There's this big army bloke high up in the sky on a sort of plank giving soldiers a medal and then pushing them off. At the bottom there's a frog, a white cross and a crazy looking guy taking photographs of the soldiers when they land then..................

I'd guess some sort of war related anti-media message or media related anti-war message or an anti-war-media message with an artistic twist? But I dinna really ken, I like ideas put to me in plain english ken.

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The way I see it is the big shot fat cat that runs the whole show is lonely, and needs some entertainment. So to get this, he sends people to their deaths, and watches as theyd ance for him, and of course, people will do his bidding....cos they have to. He knows he does is wrong, but before it kicks in too hard, he just does it one more time, for a little bit more enjoyment.

Completely anti-state/war.

Thats the way I see it anyway.

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