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Amp and cab for sale

Lucky shot

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Hey Everyone, Just ordered myself a new amp and cab so the old ones will have to go.

I'm deffinately selling the Amp -

its a Marshall MG250DFX (330 new R&B)

100watt 2 channel amp, 4 built in effects + reverb

full specs can be found here:


The cab is a cutom made 2x10 cab with vintage 30 celstions rated at 60watt.

(350 new cabco, Jeff @ matamps other company)

offers, nothing silly tho :up:

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just thought id bring this back to the top,

for sale SEPERATE ITEMS!!! can sell together if wanted

1 - Marshall MG250DFX, 2 channel, 100watt 2x12 combo, 5 built in effects (330 new)

2 - 2x10 Cabtex dove tailed, solid pine cab, vintage 30 speakers, 8 ohlms (350 new)

New amp/cab setup causes sale!



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