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Dark side of the moon 9th August

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  • 2 weeks later...

if i cn get a lift there and back ill come ma girlfriend can sing great gig its brilliant

i too play in a floyd tribute band and no the pressure playing an album live for first time so good luck

ps.. mac floyd 11th agaust at lemon tree

syd barret tribute gig on the 26th augaust at drummonds

be at the 26th gonna be immense me playing that


how much are tickets can u pay at door etc..

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not yet its still to be confirmed

but use are in for a treat i mean it

my bands setlist are

intersteller overdrive

pow r toch


matilda mother


astronime dominie

quick guitar change

shine on you crazy diamond (me on keyboards then switching to bass)

have a cigar

wish you were here

about tonite can i get directions please from someone

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well i just got bak

it was ok im not saying good im not saying bad

i know u had technicl problems the pa failing and u having only the monbitors

but u really do need to learn the words and gilmours guitar technique money was good but the 2nd solo double bass pedal didnt sound to good

i liked the effect you used for on the run can u tell me how u do that

also in regard to the stge crew whjat was going on with all the autocues they were well off the end of great gig in the sky for the start of money

i cant believe after 3 ytears of no contact i bumped into a good old friend who used to own a studio up the road wen i lived in fife glad to see hes still at it

overall it was good but u need to learn ur vocals and edit alot of ur settings regards to the keyboard player he didnt make a mistake and the sax wow

the girl that did great gig got all the high parts in the wrong cues but she did do well regards to her

overall good work guys

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thanks for the feedback. yea the technical problems were a real downer, especially loosing one of our mics and the soundguy doing nothing about it. it was a bit of a shame that the lights and videos and autocues got messed up, i was fairly peed off. but ach weel. on the run was a mixture of the keyboard playing a repeated patern, the high hat repeated pattern, guitar whammy bar and delay effects and our sample we created. aye. thanks for coming along though, i hope we didnt dissapoint you too much

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How was it then? If you like Floyd tributes you might like this


Friday 11th August

@ The Lemon Tree

12 (8 concessions and Regulars)

Doors open:9pm Show starts:10pm

MacFloyd is quite simply the best Pink Floyd band in the UK. No other band can touch them for the accuracy and atmosphere of a PF concert. From the moment you hear and feel the first heartbeat as it pumps out of the speakers, until the last note, two and a half hours later, you will be transported back to the feeling you had when you first heard Dark Side of the Moon, Wish You Were Here, Animals or The Wall. Close your eyes and you could be at Earls Court in 1980 or The Rainbow Theatre in 1972.


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ha ha uve left it a bit late to asdvertise now if its only tomoro m8

ye i was speaking to big bal aka al ward ive known him since i lived in ediburgh but had seen him for years he was saying that the port for the mic had blown so that caused the pa to cut down other thn that was pretty kool

if use ever feel like playing it again gimme a shout lol cos ill pay to play it on stage wi use lol i got all the effects mastered like that as i play in a floyd tribute band aswell

i was shocked with breathe tho i thoguht u would have gone right into after speak to me with a 20 second delay and i cant belive they played money for the intro to speask to me was shocking that but the rest was cool

yeh about on the run my band 0played it a while back but i didnt do the guitar feedback

so im intrested in what effects you used for that

can i also say why were the strobelightsa there cos they werent used in any of the show i thought for the clocks intro they would be used

but if use are going to play it again give me a shout cos see the intro to time

after the clocks thats actually done on a bass just like a palm muted guitar but with the fret hand

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