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can anyone explain this illusion:

Guest MDP

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can anyone explain how the fuck this works to me, im confused as fuck... and if you dont believe its true, save it for yourself, and try copying n pasting square b and moving it next to a:up:


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Guest DustyDeviada

Must be something to do with the shadow, making the block darker but with the even darker blocks next to it giving the perception that it is in fact lighter.

Or something.

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yeah its all to do with context.

block a is in a highlighted area where all the blocks are lighter, and its surrounded by light blocks making it look darker to your brain. Where as block b is in shadow making all the blocks darker, and its surrounded by dark blocks fooling you brain into thinking its lighter.

Also the colour of text used on them both makes them look even lighter/darker.

Basically they confuse your brain so it cant see the colours the way they are, their surroundings make them look like they dont match.

There's one of these in BBC Focus magazine every month where is explains how they work in your brain, very intresting.

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it's like 50 m.p.h feels a lot faster when you accelerate UP to it' date=' rather than decelerate DOWN to it.

Isn't it?[/quote']either way, if you stick your hand out a car window in a neutral wind while going at 50mpg, cup your hand and the pressure of air going against your palm and through your fingers.....feels like a boob.

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