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  1. Does anyone have a link to the above? Looking to make a Saddam Hussein mask for a masquarade this weekend. Preferably two conflicting expressions so I can make the mask two-sided. Will post pictures of the outcome when I'm back...if I can get the pictures.
  2. "I ain't goin' to school cos I ain't got a gun" I guess is, retrospectively, a bit wrong.
  3. Lasts the length of an actual movie and is a storyline full of cliffhangers, deception and woman getting boned (by other dudes!) I thought it was pretty amazing an idea, but the above link is only episodes 1-5 - you'll have to check youtube out if you want to see more. Below there's a pretty hilarious parody of the music video in typical Wierd Al style. Enjoy!
  4. I bought the single from a band called Schwab - The Moleman It appears on start-up of this Myspace account of their band: MySpace.com - SchwaB - london, UK - 2-step / Classic Rock / Funk - www.myspace.com/schwabonthefloor Good stuff
  5. That wasn't what I intended - Just interested in seeing some old tunes....
  6. I just heard Led Zeppelin's Robert Plant openly proclaim to "have a little schoolgirl and she's all mine", which led me to creating this thread. Thinking more along the lines of lyrics from the older songs that were initially innocuous, but now not so. This thread is no place for recent songs just aiming to shock. Anybody got any more? EDIT: if this is deemed bad taste then please close.
  7. I'm pretty sure a lot of the people here struggle with their part-time jobs and sometimes save enough to get guitar strings, not expensive sports cars
  8. I'm looking for a durable high hat stand if anyone is willing to part with theirs. I will make you a sensible, fair offer.
  9. I'm certain I just saw him playing the 8th hole of Newburth-on-Ythan golf course in Aberdeenshire, Scotland, but I'm just not sure. He looked the spitting image of Bill Murray and looked at me out of the corner of his eye as I drove by like he was just checking for fans or something. I mean it could be him on several counts: The Edinburgh film festival The film he's working on in Ireland Playing golf AND right next door to the new and well-known Donald Trump course He was about 6' 1" (roughly) I wish I just plucked up the courage to ask him but it seemed too normal to intervene as he teed off
  10. I'm afraid "everyone" isn't a part of this music community. I think there's one on HUBL though
  11. I think the blood for oil idea is pretty good. I mean, we are running pretty low on fuel and if you create oil from blood then the human body can regenerate it pretty quickly so it's not like we're going to run out. Plus it can be extended to farm animals too, which means there will never really be a shortage!
  12. My friend tells me he is on-call this weekend, right after we planned to go down to T in the Park on Sunday! Still, not a complete waste as I have a spare ticket if anyone is interested. Might even take you there and back if I know you...or if you promise not to be a crazy hitchhiker on the way down It's Michael Fletcher by the way, for those of you who know me.
  13. Well if I were a fish and I persistently shit in my tank, and every day I did the same thing without bothering to clean it, then eventually I would die. The equation for global warming and me pooing in a fish tank are intrinsically linked (effectively).
  14. I guess it actually doesn't stop and is followed by rain.
  15. Moderators, Please could I have my username changed to the above. Thanks!
  16. My nightly shoe lust is flowing into my days...I feel I might commit shoetrosity.
  17. Their Polish vodka is 6 for 25ml measure. Their polish sluts, however, cost less per ml
  18. 18W (100W light output) energy efficient lightbulbs are on sale in Morrisons as 2 for 99p, but I got 8 yesterday and was only charged 39p per bulb. Crazy prices!
  19. Well at least you contemplated it for almost a 1/4 hour
  20. I'm sure karma dictates that this guy's home life is hellishly difficult.
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