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babar luck (acoustic punk, folk, pop and world) + the upstarts + support = sat june17

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Babar Luck -

Should music contain the lyrical insight of Strummer and Bragg and Dylan? Should music transport the listener to worlds they know little of like a Paul Foot investigative piece in the Mirror or a Denselow report on Newsnight? Should music be played with the passion and commitment of The Clash and Minor Threat? Should it have the melodies and hooks of The Beatles and The Kinks? Should music explore influences as diverse as Punk Folk Pop and World? Of course it should.

Do all bands claim to do it? Of course they do.

Do they pull it off? Of course they dont until now, ladies and gents meet Babar Luck

Babar, former bassist with the fabulous King Prawn, has forsaken the world of cranked up electric guitars for a new take on English Folk and East End style world music punk, beats, spittin & poetry.

Pakistani Londoner Luck is marvellous (and hilarious), with a guitar and voice of world-folk songs that somehow referenced the Chilli Peppers, Billy Bragg, The Clash, and Bob Marley. Dont turn down a chance to see him, Time Out, London, Sept 14th 2005.

The King Blues -

"Bursting out of Londons squat scene come Hackneys very own King Blues. Consisting of 2 acoustic guitars, an acoustic bass and a ukulele, The King Blues blend soulful ska with raw folk and a punk rock attitude to create an exciting, fresh and unique sound that can only be described as good music. Their awe inspiring live show and conscious, political message have left crusty punks, hip hop heads and ska fans all singing their praises.

A mix of finely crafted songwriting, doo wop harmonies and street poetry means The King Blues are definitely ones to watch. Song topics range from CCTV to wizards to life on the dole and of course, the love of music itself.


9pm, 5

more info and links:


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as the edinburgh date for babar and the king blues the night before their moorings show has fallen though' date=' the bands have asked to play a few extra tunes for you all. so expect a good 50 miutes or so from them each. nice one![/quote']

does that mean the doors are earlier than 9 now? also, are under 18s definitely welcome?

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does that mean the doors are earlier than 9 now? also' date=' are under 18s definitely welcome?[/quote']

you can expect the first band (our secret guests) onstage shortly after 8.30pm. babar will be on around 11.

under 18's are definitely welcome. if you'er under 18, pm FLASH@TMB or post on the moorings forum... as i understand it, he'll add your name to a list, and you'll have no problem getting in.

just don't drink while you're there, or you'll face a ban :)

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Cheers Fudgies, that was a hoot and a half. Loved all the bands - first time I'd heard the Upstarts, very impressed. King Blues were just fantastic, and Babar Luck was scarymental, but in a very good way. Superb night. True, the crowd could have been bigger, but that was cool for us, slightly less pressure. Cheers to Flash too, the Moorings is now possibly the best place we have ever played...

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