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  1. Folks might also be interested in a talk held at university tomorrow by Ben White, author of Israeli Apartheid: A Beginner's Guide. The talk begins at 12 noon at New Kings Building, room NK10 at Aberdeen University.
  2. Should be a great night: One of the most exciting bands in Scotland right now, Gong Fei (myspace.com/gongfei) A great folk/punk acoustic act from Perth, Tragical History Tour (myspace.com/tragicalhistorytourmusic) Exciting new world music project from Aberdeen musician (Salsa Celtica member) and activist, Simon Gall (+ friends) And Aberdeen's very own Anarcho-punk poet, satirical and very funny, Rapunzel Wizard Come find out about SPSC Aberdeen's current campaigns and find out how to get involved. All profits on the door will be donated for aid on the next flotilla to Palestine.
  3. Talk given by Ali El-Awaisi, who was on the main passenger ship, on how Israeli Commandos stormed the Freedom Flotilla and how he was incarcerated in an Israeli jail. Venue: NK6, New Kings College, University of Aberdeen at 7pm, Thursday July 1st If you're interested you can join our facebook page here
  4. cheers for playing guys, enjoyed your set. resolution 242 were good, some impressive bass playing! shame there wasn't more folk there, but most gigs seem pretty quiet at the moment.
  5. a week today! obviousy a high quality line-up as the opening act, Daffy D, was playing in New York last week. and of course there is Aberdeen's rock kings
  6. RESOLUTION 242 Excellent dub/punk/reggae from Stratford - The Skints meets The King Blues www.myspace.com/resolution242 THE HIJACKS High-energy, full-throttle political ska-punk www.myspace.com/hijackska COBRA KAI Aberdeen rock kings return to promote their forthcoming album www.myspace.com/cobrakairock DAFFY D Upbeat acoustic songs with a lot of innuendo (and possibly mouth trumpet)! www.myspace.com/itsdaffyd www.myspace.com/gfnpromotions www.facebook.com/gfnpromotions
  7. Myspaces: The Skints The Hijacks Escape to Victory There's meant to be another support band, does anyone know who it is?
  8. saw Gong Fei a few months back, really impressed. They'll have played the T-Break stage a few days before this gig. Anyone else seen them?
  9. i found a heap of punk compilation cds, old zines and general tat the other day, so going to have some kind of ska punk lucky dip (perhaps called spunky dip?). If anyone has a large amount of shredded paper or small bits of polystyrene then take it down and we can make the dream reality. On a more serious note, this should be a great night - mike park is always excellent and i doubt jesse michaels will be in aberdeen again any time soon!
  10. a few changes to the line-up: G has had to pull out due to illness so instead we have the mighty Paul of Onion Terror fame. There will also be a short set from The Upstarts. Line up will be something like this: Paul T - starting just after 7 The Upstarts The Spectres The Hijacks Harijan The Hostiles
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