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Eastfield: Urban railpunk @ Tunnels, May 12th

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For 10 years, Eastfield have been playing pop punk on the DIY scene, with witty, intelligent lyrics. Formed out of bands such as Blyth Power and featuring members of The Dangerfields in the band throughout the years, the band have got a great following all over the punk scene, appealing from crusties to pop punkers alike. They have toured all over Europe and are a common name on the Punx Picnics scene as well as the Wasted/Holidays in the Sun festival. Songs vary from such diverse topics as Patrick Swayze, Todd Landers from Neighbours, hippies and quite often their favourite pastime...trains! John Peel was a fan of the band and played S.W.A.Y.Z.E often.

They will also be featured on the new 7" EP on GFN? Records along with The Upstarts, The Try Hards, Mutley and The Planeteers which should be out for next week.

Eastfield play Tunnels, Friday May 12th 2006 were you can also catch The Upstarts, Moila Falls (Sweden), Avast, Copy Haho, The Planeteers, Small Enclosed Area and Rapunzel Wizard...all for 5! yas!



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