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Along came man, genevieve, 10 easy wishes, tears of grace : friday june 2nd

Guest MDP

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Along Came Man

"Welsh trio Along Came Man formed just two years ago. In their two-year life they have refined and developed a truly classy, punk rock sound that combines an infectious energy with a startling ear for shimmering melody.

Despite being a trio they have created an immense and layered sound both live and in the studio... less frenetic garage punk... more song-led, melodic, and contagious ROCK! They just sound ridiculously refined and developed for such a youthful outfit. "


10 Easy Wishes

They Ain't Dead Yet Motherfuckers

"10 Easy Wishes produce a fresh, futuristic sound which simultaneously appeals to the pop fan and noise enthusiast alike. Gut-wrenching indie punk 'n' roll tendencies lay a solid foundation for cascading surf sounds, mangled blues chords and fuzzed up Moog lines!"



Aberdeen's very own up-beat indie rockers


Tears of Grace

aberdeen's emgering rock-metal heroes. Blending smashing riffs with orgasmic melodies and Tim henman obsessions


Friday June 2nd :: Cafe Drummond :: 7pm :: £4

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Guest MDP
good on you' date=' it looks like an amazing gig, could be one of the gigs of the year[/quote']

you see mr. maxwell, with you... i can never tell if you are being sarcastic or genuine...?(

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Just thought a lot better things could have been used. There is something about the phrase 'An unsigned 4 piece female fronted alt/rock band from ellon' that doesnt really make me think 'Oh lets go check these guys out.'

s'allright, i'll get it changed to :

"Tears of Grace : Featuring blatant ripoff Nightwish music and a drummer who enjoys wearing leather trousers and playing tennis."

Nah, seriously, Ross, get a proper description up there ;)

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cloud - do you have a problem with my leather trousers or something :p ?

nah what about " Tears Of Grace - the perfect blend of charging riffage' date=' orgasmic melodies and leather trousers. "[/quote']

Call me dyslexic but for that I read "charging giraffe". I would DEFINITELY go to that gig!

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