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Any California Dreams fans out there?


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Limewire has full episodes of Saved by the Bell as well. Man am I on a nostalgia trip. When I was in my awkward teenage years' date=' Zack, Slater, Screech, Kelly, Lisa and Jessie were like my best mates :laughing:;([/quote']

Hahah now you are talking.

I always seen myself as a bit of a Zach...I was really a Screech person at heart however.

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i've ahd the tv theme on my pod for like a year, and know like most of the wrods. that was a good show. can't really remeber msot of it tho..only the manager was called Sly.

"surf dudes with attitude-kinda groovy! laid back moods"

it's such a nice song. might download the rest, but could spoil the memories

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