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Where in Aberdeen...


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Guest MarkJDelaney


See to the left of "Nigg Bay", below the parking sign. It's the "Wks" text. That's the sewage plant.

If you make you're way up the road (down if you're looking at the map) you get higher. I don't know how good the view is of the city though.

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There is a decent viewpoint on the Kincorth Gramps - they are also nice panoramic views from the Torry Gramps / Tullos Cairn area (where there has been loads of fires recently).

The top of the Citadel cannot really be topped for a unique birds eye view of the city.

I would also recommend the path that goes from HH park past the nine holer towards the 2 nd 18 course. Up near the top gets a unique view.

The view from the Inst for Medical Studies at Forsterhill is great as well - and its open to the public this Sat for Doors Open Day.


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You know the dual carridgeway beside kincorth <it runs passed north sound studios>? If you drive from altens/cove side towards town you get a GREAT view as you come over the crest. You can see down to the river Dee and Duthie Park etc etc...then the rest of Aberdeen behind that.

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