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Guest Tam o' Shantie

why don't you just avoid going to uni then, it's not the only option. why should it be fucking free anyway? are you living in the fucking 50s? degrees don't necessarily = good jobs

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Guest haigyman
why should it be fucking free anyway?

because us useful uni student types are getting ourselves a higher education so we can get ace jobs that benefit our society and people around the globe.

it's like why school is free.

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You pay the graduate endowment so that future students can keep getting bursaries, loans and tuition fees paid. You can pay it in installments much like repaying your student loan and everyone has to pay it. Personally I think it's a good idea, it keeps money in the kitty. Besides, nothing in life is free.

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yeh I saw it once when we got a tour round the place, seemed pretty fancy and stuff. Never knew the college was that big! well I am Tears Of Graces unofficial photographer. I get the pics from their gigs usually. gonna get a lot more involved with takin bands photos me thinks. at least the college course is free tho (altho u gotta pay like 200 for 'resources') I really need to get a job :down:

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the college photography course is designed to get employment and is probably more useful than a lot of photography courses. be prepared for a frustrating time with resources. the photography department is well stocked most of the time but i ended up buying a lot of my own equipment last year as it was better than the lottery of getting college equipment(4 classes all trying to get the same stuff at the same time). one tip as well, be polite and patient with gordon the technician. he's a very stressed man who does the job of many people and can lose his temper quickly but if you're nice to him he'll be nice to you.

as for tuition fees, you should get them paid so long as you're going on to a higher level of education for a full degree. so you get them for up to 4 years so long as you move up a year each time. if however you've done and hnd at college then that's the equivalent of the first two years at uni so if you go into second year you'll have to pay that. is my understanding of it anyway. i pay my tuition fees as i've been at college twice before(this time i'm passing though) and that's fair enough.

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Most people I know at uni are doing "arts degrees" or some useless shite they will never use in the actual jobs they will end up getting - unless they go into teaching.

The amount of people I know doing psychology for example.... do you know you can't actually be a psychologist without doing the full Phd?

Gah... Students...

Edit: and school is free because everyone has the right to a basic education.

But bear in mind that alot of folk doing arts degrees are doing them because they want to... yer so they're not a vocational degree like Medicine' date=' Nursing or Law, but that doesn't mean the degree itself is any less important. It opens up the oppurtunity to [b']do a Masters or PhD.

I could be wrong, but I doubt you can do the full PhD for Psychology without doing Psychology in the first place. It is therefore not "useless shite".

Uni isn't for everyone, but just because a course seems less significant doesn't make it any less worthwhile.

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the graduate endowment fee is not really something to worry about. you can opt to pay it off in one go the april after you graduate or add it to the total you've already borrowed/ take out a students loan to cover it and then you pay it back in the normal student loan way, i.e. you have to be earning over about 15k before you start paying it back.

as for doing a degree, most graduate employers look for it because it shows that you're able to knuckle down and apply yourself to achieving something. the actual degree you get doesn't matter in general (with exception of stuff like medical degrees and engineering kinda things) it's just the work that's gone into it that these organisations appreciate.

At the moment, however, everyone loves using the phrase "a degree is not enough" and organisations are looking for more than the piece of paper. experience and extra-curricular stuff is important and not to be forgotten.

degrees certainly don't equate directly to good jobs but they can be a good start if you're not interesting in pursuing a trade straight from school.



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I concur with you there.

What people seem to forget is with the more popular degrees... a lot of the work force is "saturated" i.e: more people graduating than there are jobs.

So even with a degree... it's not guaranteed you'll even get a "decent" job for several years after you graduate.


Not just that, but taking home 2000 in your first month of employment probaly means walking into a 30K+ job, instead of the more normal 12K+, if you even get a job that doesn't involve fast food.

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People should go to uni if they want to' date=' but when not doing a vocational couse - as you mentioned above - it is pure indulgence, they should not expect full funding for such course... and that is where my problems lie.

By all means, if you intend to do the Phd or the full degree then go forth and do it.

What bothers me hugely is people who don't finish their courses and do entirely self indulgent courses which they do not apply to any job... only for the taxpayer to pick up the bill.

If people wish to do something "fun" because they [b']want to they shouldn't expect everyone else to pay for it.

Agreed, which is why I think that the Graduate Endowment is a good idea, you're still getting half your tuition fees paid after you pay that back, so people shouldn't complain. Would you rather just pay it all?

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Check the evening express on a wednesday' date=' or P&J on a friday with its 1000s of jobs, and count the amount of graduate jobs that pay over 20k on one hand....if any![/quote']

An even more fun game is "Spot the job vacancy that doesn't require you to have a few years experience already".

why should it be fucking free anyway? are you living in the fucking 50s? degrees don't necessarily = good jobs

Education should be a right, not a privilage.

Saying that, I also side with Sharon in the "why should other people pay for you to do mickey Mouse degrees?" viewpoint. Personally, I would have useful degrees subsidised, but if you want to do Philosophy you can pay for it yourself. But I daresay that'd be rather hard to actually implement - what if you want to be a philosophy lecturer? That could be counted as useful then.

That doesn't mean I have anything against BA degrees - they're a damn sight more interesting and fulfilling than BEng or Bsc degrees are.

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