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PSYDOLL - No, not that one, the other one... From Tokyo!


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He's a legend on this board, a walking miracle of DJ talent, he's Psydoll! But he's just a fanboi wearing an assumed name - A name he adopted in recognition of the wonder that is...


Sunday the 17th of July

Moshulu, Windmill Brae

Straight from Tokyo for only five UK dates, it's the return of PSYDOLL. Their sell-out gig at Dr Drakes was one of my personal favourite highlights at our beloved venue, but for those that missed their manga-fuelled take on punk industrial electronics here's a second chance to see what charmed us all! They insisted they return to Aberdeen, landing us with one of only five UK dates on a mini-tour that also sees them supporting AMEN in Carlisle!

Plus support from STARFALL - Infamous favourites of the satirical wit of aberdeen-music, they've toured extensively in the UK, bridged over into Europe and have not long returned from a Canadian tour. Undoubtedly hard working, their local Aberdeen gigs are few and far between. Not seen them in a while, want to hear how they've weathered? Retain your cool and catch them supporting Japan's uniquely Bladerunner-esque PSYDOLL!

At least one more act still to be confirmed! Door times and ticket prices will be announced shortly!

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most of them are verrrrrrrrrryyyyyyyyy old though - as in they were written when I was still in the band... Psilocybe was being written just as I was leaving...

they've got more new stuff but none of it's recorded yet...

I might be tempted to come along for this one though.

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not us tho

im on holiday that week' date=' not sure where but its away from the deen[/quote']

Boo to you!

(you are suppose to share holidays time information with the other spaztics in the band)

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Beautiful, any excuse to sculp hair, yelp the odd swear and play with a purdy synth.


I fink I'll be at this gig anyhoo. Mmmm.

Shame I'm awya for the Motormark gig at tunnels - is on holiday. Boo!

You just let us know when and where you need us. zOoM!!! :)

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  • 2 weeks later...

And I should have said it's 5 on the door. Bargain city!

Here's a message from Nekoi to y'all who made it to the sold-out first gig, almost two years ago in Dr Drakes...

Hello! Sorry for loooong time no see!

We got the new song,new cd and new battery.

Landing preparation was finished.

We will be coming back to Aberdeen soon.

We are really looking forward to seeing you again.

Let's have a cool time together. :D


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Dundee was all dancing and all applauding, I have a vague memory of Nekoi signing someone's stomach and a girl who wanted me to post Psydoll to her in Dunfermline when they have finished their tour. A great gig, congratulations and thanks from us all to Dave for organising it all!

Aberdeen is going to be amazing! Carlisle tomorrow, with AMEN! Then up to Edinburgh, so it is all go!

See you all on Sunday! :D

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