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  1. Thats a real shame that this has happened, that tree sap stuff is a headnip to remove, When I used to sell a few cars I had to use "T-Cut" to remove it. Hope you get it sorted then,
  2. Sorry, did "Dobbies" actually do the operation of the jetwash?
  3. It's hard to tell from the pics, but are there small blemishes/spots all through the paint, obviously I dont mean the big patches where the laquer has come off, The little blemishes could indicate a poor finish. Has the car been sprayed before? Also, don't those jetwash things always have an indemnity saying the user is soley responsible etc...?
  4. Just found it on an "aberdeen stuff, google" type search,
  5. http://www.knowhere.co.uk/aberdeen/aberdeenshire/scotland/info/worstthings
  6. I abhore baited secret recording, but if you're racist in private, you're still racist.
  7. Had a listen yesterday teatime, I like that you achieved a good "heavy heavy" sound, and I like that you dont try and make it go all "blastbeat", Good riffing stuff Joda
  8. Epic thread Sometimes I cant remember, but an outline; I was forced to take piano lessons as a 6/7 year old, absolutely hated it, I didn't get a choice, eventually got to give up when the family moved to aberdeen, fast forward to age 10/11 the school was offering guitar lessons, and we had a spanish acoustic in the house which I took along, I was totally dismayed when they started teaching "Daddy's Taking Us To The Zoo Tomorrow", I gave up immediately.... Got hooked up with a real guitar tutor about age 12/13 and he was an epic player, but taught "classical", so I just slacked it and eventually lost interest, My dad was playing full time paying our mortgage, so wtf, music, too normal....too ordinary. My dad took a synth home to test from Brian Middletons shoppie, I sneaked a shot when he was out, and it blew up!!! WTF!!! I was terrified of the consquences, but he never found out it was me wot broke it.... Later in my early teens I did try jamming the guitar again, but couldnt get it. Didnt matter, no ambition anyway, Then late teens, punk rock made low skill music popular... I got a shot of an SG copy, and jammed some UK Subs stuff with some guys fae Kincorth.... Never a real band, just garages and youth clubs,... Fast forward to mid twenties, and I found myself lying in the boneward with my guitar arm minced, and all I wanted to do was play, play music, my head was flooded with tunes, from rock to orchestral and everything in between, I simply couldn't switch it off. I had to buy a synth, I had to learn play and record these tunes, I was in between bone ops, and living in student flats, art students.. heads full of dreams, and lots of music, I got asked to join Worser Than Louis, and then Hotlips formed, It got too intense, my head was spinning, I moved out of town to the highlands, I played in a couple of awful bands, and a steady band, after years I moved back to town and joined an aberdeen band, they almost got famous after being on TV and then they split up, I've done solo stuff since then, recorded whole albums even, but I'm not chasing rainbows, I wanted this year to be different, to get some improving happening, but so far I've been dogged by depression, so I'm just taking it easy as far as music goes, no sweat, no rush, no hunger. Still a good thread though
  9. Quite a nice song, nice melodic guitar playing, and a nice "sensitive" feel about it. Keep it up.
  10. Sorry to hear this, Dave was a genuinely nice guy. RIP.
  11. Got sacked by an oil firm when I was lying in the bone ward at woodend hospital, The Co sent me a letter saying that because I was unfit for work(I'd just had major surgery) I was not required back. Then within days and while I was still in there, a chinook helicopter that I'd previously flown on dozens of times went down off shetland. I knew a lot of the guys on the flight too, heavy as f*kc It was a sign that told me what the oil was really about.
  12. Just had a listen to this, it's great, well put together, and well done, And also "Donations from proceeds will be going to The Scottish Association Of Mental Health" Thats a really good cause.
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