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    First 180 in a loooong time hit on Friday night, sweet as a nut. Witness/opponent/victim - Scorge.
  2. Siouxsie and the Banshees - "Once Upon A Time/The Singles" LP.
  3. The Tories called for a "no" vote, and so did Socialist Worker last week but I couldn't tell you why off the top of my head. In the end, I voted "yes" as I'd rather cunt the Tories than toe the party line.
  4. Flux of Pink Indians - "Strive To Survive Causing Least Suffering Possible" LP. Kleenex/Liliput - "1977-1983" 4xLP box.
  5. Not a Scottish football fan, then.
  6. You're missing absolutely nothing.
  7. Racist cunt with an "Animal Legion of Doom" mullhawk.
  8. Save yourself the bother. It's boring.
  9. D. He's also a cunt for playing the race card. The race card-playing cunt.
  10. It'll all be a let-down from here on in, you spoilt them too much for their first time. Anything else will be a disappointment.
  11. No way, he had a Twitter convo with some newsreader bird? He kept that quiet...
  12. Wearing a skirt and a stupid jimmy wig. Punctuated by the odd "Scotlaaaaaaaaaaaaaand yas min" and other grunted drunken nonsense.
  13. Spin doctor-tastic, for a "season unbeaten" read "two games". Ah well, at least the raging, six-fingered, web-toed hoorbags did us a favour by cuffing the Wee Team but there's no way in hell they're getting thanked for it on principle...
  14. Is the Brutal Truth/Narcosis/TFD 3-way still available?
  15. The interview went badly. You're right, that wasn't tricky.
  16. They always do, because they're a pair of fucking losers.
  17. Seconded, probably the most fun you can have with your clothes on.
  18. Harmless pap, easily ignored. I love watching troo metalheads get wound up about them.
  19. Mine was to put off full-time working more than anything. Never used my degree since getting it 9 years ago. Still, they can't take it away from you.
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