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  1. You can bugger off with that for a start, you deviant. As non as anything ever in the history of the entire cosmos. Not
  2. Trust me, there's a damn good reason for this bad boy. Therefore,
  3. It does, and that's why anarcho-punk is deader than a long-dead dodo... Not
  4. Who else? Angry Dave...
  5. Words of wisdom from my "idiotic friend", apparently...
  6. Those days have been dead and gone for the past 12 years, time to move on, isn't it? Bottom line is, just about everyone in "the scene" at the moment has had Dave moaning at them for some trivial point about nothing important at all and people are fucking sick of his nit-picking. Pariah in the punk scene? I'll take that, no problems! Suits me down to the ground to go it alone but a nice wee attempt at revisionism there. Nice of you to try and claim credit where it doesn't exist. "Taking under wings", indeed. Punk's moved on, shame you haven't. I'd hate to be stuck in a rut like that.
  7. Simple, clutching at straws.
  8. Scottish Cup Semi-Final draw: Rangers v. St.Mirren Them v. Aberdeen/Dunfermline Christ, that sets it up nicely! The prospect of No Hampden For Tango and then knocking Them out in the semi's? That would be the most erotic football scenario of all time. Can't see it, but you can't say no to hope...
  9. BBBBBOOOOOIIIIINNNNNGGGGG!!!!! Power's back on. Nicky Phinn does the job.
  10. We've lost transmission from East End Park... Not
  11. Gus Chamber

    Drummer needed

    The members of W********* are carrying on under a new moniker minus Scorge so drummer still needed...
  12. If there's one thing worse than spraying coffee over the monitor, it's nearly choking to death while smoking due to inhaling at the wrong time. I lolled, I igged, I bellybuttoned. Points well deserved.
  13. Saw Downfall the other week with Bonesaw. Not my taste at all, but I HAVE to give props for the jackets.
  14. Nice review, had to laugh at the bit describing you lot as newcomers! Finally got round to playing my copy this morning, quality stuff and well done. Just be careful the local council don't accuse you of promoting necrophilia...
  15. Black Sister - "Demo 2009" CDr. Lost Cherrees - "In The Beginning..." CD. (Thanks, hon) Spectral Fairground - CDr, tape and artwork type package.
  16. Jadeisbald. Lol, ig, bellybutton...
  17. I can scarcely believe I'm having to insult people's intelligence by spelling this out, but Wifebeater was a parody. That is, a spoof, satire, call it what you will. Some people in this thread have called it spot-on in many ways, some have given the tiresome knicker-pissing as expected, particularly the relic who's been dead since 1985. I wanted to keep it deliberately ambiguous for the simple reason that I wanted people to think about the issue raised. I wanted to do it in such a way so that the militant dinosaurs who cling on to 80's anarcho-punk would be put off and not come anywhere near us, as they've driven countless people away from punk over the years with their empty sloganeering and suspicious glowering at anyone at a gig who may have been in danger of enjoying themselves. If they stay away, there's more chance of new people getting into it and not feeling that they're intruding because they're being scowled out of the building by this ever-decreasing bunch of decrepit has-beens. I wouldn't like to cross swords with someone accusing me of attracting "the wrong sort" of person to our gigs. It's one of life's beautiful ironies that one of said relics is the one invoking the police and local bye-laws. Someone needs to do the kind thing and take them out to pasture and have them humanely put out of their misery. The lyrics were written from the perspective of some neanderthal who sees nothing wrong with beating up their partner. That isn't too difficult to understand, is it? It doesn't mean that they're saying to people that they should start knocking people about, does it? The lyrics were deliberately so over-the-top that surely nobody would be that stupid to think we were seriously advocating it. Oh, wait a minute, I reckoned without the uptight, condescending middle-class authoritarians who have the sheer fucking gall to spout about anarchy and freedom. I can't really put it any clearer than that. I had a great time in this band, the most enjoyable project I've ever been involved in and I have no regrets. The only thing I should have done was use a slightly less obvious username. Was kinda leaving myself open with that but hindsight is a wonderful thing. There was no way anyone could have seen all this Labour Council palaver coming, that's for sure. If I'd thought for a single second that anyone, bar the 80's fossils, would have taken it literally then I'd have issued a disclaimer from day one. All that's left is to thank anyone who helped us out in any way and who knew what the band was about. And you haven't heard those songs for the last time... There's only one way to sign off, with this :
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