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  1. latest version of my newer work in progress - go easy my DAW ability is still a work in progress as well ! http://soundcloud.com/lewishodgkin/watch-this
  2. my g/f has been playin this heaps and its captured my interest for some reason! SeaOfEnergy if anyones up for it.
  3. fair enough man, ive been messing about with putting the 'dubstep' synths through guitar distortion, just trying to do something a bit different is all. Ill try it out with a cleaner synth. cheers for your thoughts by the way , with me being a beginner with this stuff any advice at all helps ! Not sure if ive heard King Midas, i might have , i listen to alot of mixes so sometimes im not aware of who each track actually is... Ill check him/them out.
  4. My first track with samples! woop http://soundcloud.com/lewishodgkin/watch-this
  5. Have a listen to my latest attempt here! - http://soundcloud.com/lewishodgkin/corrupt feedback/tips appreciated yadaa yadda.. Chars!
  6. If you havent played it yet, Batman:Arkham Asylum is a really good game you can get for cheap now! i only got it recently and was surprised by how good it is, and im not even much of a batman fan . its a 3rd person action/platformer/stealth/fighting game so theres a bit of variety. Dont be put off by the demo if you try it, as the game opens up into a sandbox after the linear 'training' section at the start and thats when it really gets going.
  7. assuming their LED lights they wouldnt use that much energy, surely itd still generate more energy than not having a turbine at all..... cant believe not one of yous think that its kinda cool, ah well....
  8. guess what this is haha!! new update with new intro and a small buildup/drop added!
  9. http://www.newscientist.com/blogs/shortsharpscience/2011/09/bedazzled-wind-turbine-lights.html Why cant ours look like this?? maybe stop people complaining about them for not being 'pretty' ?
  10. pretty funky sounds! the production is excellent, makes me realise (again!!) how much i need to learn !!!
  11. last upload had a wierd glitch so re-uploaded - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Fp85PM0M5s
  12. last update for a while , its nearing completion so i think the next one i put up will be the final version ,for now anyway, as im still learning i might go back to it later once ive figured out how to do more stuff! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hkvXqq5wL4s Cheers to anyone who has a listen!
  13. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sFb9fgsOH7E&feature=channel_video_title small update, a couple of wee changes and a bit bassier!
  14. another update if anyones at all interested http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jn8UK88grhg
  15. update - Wise Old King H - Flow /0.2\ (Dubstep) - YouTube
  16. Thanks for the feedback man, yeah i agree it is monotonous at the moment, its more a basis for a tune than an actual tune. Ive been working on some dynamics but im going to make a bit more progress before uploading another version. That should be within the next few days. Appreciate that you had a listen !
  17. Hey people of aberdeen music, ive been working on electronica sorta stuff for a few months now, threw together this track the other night, i will be developing it further but i thought id put it up for the crack. If anyones got any thoughts id be interested to hear them! Cheers!
  18. Hey folks, thought id see if anyone would like to give our newest recording a listen, its a rerecording of a tune we've had for a while, still a work in progress and its a very rough mix but its our first recording with bass guitar so i thought itd be good to see what everybody thought! Cranial on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Downloads Cheers
  19. i liked that story, something soulful about it. almost restores my faith in humanity...almost dogs are great !
  20. ok , cheers, can i just let you know that the further in advance you can notify us the better, havent got our drummers offshore rota at the moment and we need to work around that!
  21. and again, ghost of fudge what you think? possibility of us playing at the moorings again? ?(
  22. we have been spending the last year getting our bassist learned up as well as writing basslines for parts where it made sense to have another layer, and obviously with our drummer away every 3 weeks for 2, and all of us having jobs/studying etc we havent had as much time to practice as we would. We also held back on making more songs , prefering to not pile more work onto our new bassist until he was comfortable with our current songs. We did however get one more song sorted out, and we will be making new recordings shortly and updating our myspace. We prefer going for a more 'quality over quantity' approach to songs, rather than making a new song every few weeks and them all being undeveloped and crap. satisfactory explanation?
  23. so ghost of fudge whaddya reckon? if youve got any dates available if you can let me know as soon as you can and i will check with the rest of the band what we can make. We are at the mercy of our drummers offshore rota so..
  24. Anybody else on here journey to glasgow last night for Kataklysm and Decapitated? was a damn good show, very busy for a tuesday night gig as well.
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