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  1. Thanks for all the suggestions guys. Had a pretty good night out Cheers guys.
  2. There really is no better joke than a page copied from another website, is there? Chi is a great idea Sharon, it hadn't even crossed my mind.
  3. I'm sorry, the last time I was here this place was just full of alexisonfireforafriend fans.. Maybe that's not the case now
  4. Thanks for the suggestions so far everyone. I'm sure with your burning wit and surly good looks you must be a god damned master with the ladies.
  5. All day long I've been racking my brain, trying to think of a nice relaxed place to eat in Aberdeen. Then I remembered this place and thought to myself 'I know, I'll ask some Aberdonians on the internet' (even if you are all emo's). Anyway, here's the deal. I've arranged to meet a girl tomorrow for drinks and possible something to eat, and I just can't think of where to go in Aberdeen. I'm thinking ideally maybe a not too busy bar that serves good food. I'm trying to keep it pretty low pressure, so a candle lit dinner at Simpsons isn't what I'm looking for here. So if anyone can think of a nice place to recommend, I'm all ears. Just please don't tell me to take her to Bassment followed by a trip to Exodus..
  6. Browser zealot in browser help thread. Now this is complete.
  7. Ah Kevin Keegans Black and White Army. The glory days of coming up through the leagues.
  8. Finally. I hope they bring in someone half decent. Souness should have been fired months back, signing Owen shouldn't have been enough to save his contract..
  9. I dunno if I'm insane, but isn't this all illegal?
  10. There better be much less Jay & SB in the movie than is indicated by that trailer..
  11. I love how you can spot the fat old guys.
  12. Way to link a spyware attack and the MS Beta scheme. Although, why anyone would actually want this is beyond me
  13. That's a real shame. I wonder who eventually gets control of the party..
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