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  1. I love it. They even made Ian Brown sound good. The rhythm section is amazing throughout and even though Squire took most of his licks from Jimmy Page, i think he did it pretty damn well. I still get a shiver down my spine when I listen to Tears.
  2. Think I was 14/15 when K came out. I thought it was the dogs bollocks. Can't say the same for the new album.
  3. So, with the exception of Frosty Jack, we'll see you all tonight?
  4. There really is no difference. Urban Dictionary: pwned
  5. No, I meant it takes a wee wank to produce it.
  6. I'm sure Ocean Colour Scene wouldn't be offended by your remark & to be honest, neither am I. It would be foolish to get my knickers in a twist over someone who's patter is like cum.
  7. Most people just come because they like the songs, or because they enjoyed our last gig. I see what you mean about the videos, we welcome criticism & noone until now has told us that they're that bad. It's like when you record a rough demo & you think it's the business until someone tells you otherwise. You scrap it, move on & to make the next one better.
  8. Hey, everyone's entitled to their opinion. Don't judge us on poor videos though, come to a gig & judge us on that. If you still don't like us, fair enough.
  9. I'd say they would be a fair representation of us 6 months ago. The tracks are only a month old, however.
  10. It's saturday but I'm sure that's what you meant.
  11. The full line-up is: (not sure about the running order, except that LM are on last) Lady Mercedes Black Alley Screens Pearl Jammin Liars Dice
  12. I believe the special guests are a Pearl Jam tribute band.
  13. My brother used to be a bouncer & he knows the bouncers at The Tunnels & claims that they're all wankers who only work there because nowhere else tolerates their power trips.
  14. From what I read, if Dunfermline win the scottish cup, they go straight into the first round proper, which means they only have to play one tie to get to the group stages. If Celtic win however, Aberdeen will enter at the first round & Dunfermline will have to play in the qualifying rounds.
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