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  1. Looking for a female vocalist to collaborate on dance music tracks. Initially for recording projects, but may evolve into a live act too. Get in touch for more info
  2. If your interested in electronica/dance as a studio/recording project get in touch.
  3. Good thread, brought back a lot of memories, was a regular for the first half of the '90s Still got my membership card somewhere What ever became of Benny the DJ ?
  4. Fair comment, Lunik is a bit of a kleptomaniac... Not billed as a regular part of the night ? Which nights are doing that ? Yeah I made that up, must have spent too long on the playstation.. I've been told it was only 4 decks (cause the 2 computer decks were being controlled by CDJ's anyway) and it wasn't a battle, just competitive mixing (with 3 mixers) - I believe there isn't a name for this sort of thing??? but it did really happen ! Yes, the way your original post reads, it sounds as if you are having a go at people putting their own time, effort and money into trying make a go of a diverse range of nights hosted at a club that has been freewheeling for a few years. I'd thought you were calling them a bunch of lazy amatures.. o_O A lot of people put a lot of effort in behind the scenes at clubs like Kef so that folk can have a choice of a good night out. Those folks have already had a kicking this week as their services are no longer required, so I'm saying thanks for your efforts, and not blaming their abilities... Anyway.. Kef R.I.P. Belmont Street has changed significantly in the last 5 years, it doesn't really fit into the place it once defined... I imagine the last night is going ot be a bit of a riot
  5. What is the latency figure you are currently getting with the onboard audio ? Have you tried asio4all (google it) ? I'm guessing with the spec you mention your latency will be > 35ms for non ASIO drivers Not sure that processor spec, even with a replacement audio device, you will get your latency under 20ms, so really depends how much real time work you wanted to do with it, or how well you can adapt to the latency lag..
  6. MacBook Pro and Ableton 6 at the moment, Kaoss Pad, TR-808, controller keyboard and Roland Pad-8
  7. Mostly for reacting to changes in your set on the fly. If you intend to turn up, hit play and let your sequncer run from start to end, exactly as it always does then pretty much any sequencer cuts it. Its also easier to quickly assign midi or key controllers on the fly, alternate between variations of a part etc etc. I mostly use Logic for studio based work and transfer everything into Live for performance. Just my preference, but also worth noting that every live electronic artist I've seen in the last 12 months has been running Live for same reasons.
  8. Totally disagree with you. While Kef has really struggled to woo large numbers of punters from some of the recent younger sexier contendors, its wrong to place this blame on those running the nights. As well as Tez, Lunik deserves big credit for Ketchup - the first regular night in Aberdeen to be playing Breakz, Electro, and more recently Minimal Techno. Also the first (and only) night in Aberdeen to have a resident VJ providing live visuals, back to back 6 deck battle mixing etc etc . All of this Lunik has been doing for the last 2 years. Guest have been hit and miss at Kef (as Tez knows) and shouldn't be regarded as a measure of the quality of the night - how often have you seen a group or duo playing at a certain other club, only to find on the night only one of them bothered to show up... guests are frequently a big PITA that the door returns at Kef made it dificult to justify.. Dan-ce Promotions :: View Forum - Kef
  9. Only suggested Live, as I find it better than Cubase/Logic/Pro Tools for gigging.. Although an MPC3000 would be better
  10. what sort of electro are you thinking ? Sorry mate it can't be done with the sort of budget your talking But if you want to have a stab anyway, I'd suggest a serious look at the Arturia Collection Arturia | | Intro Should leave you enough left over for Ableton Live and a reasonable controller keyboard, although making the assumption that you have a suitably powerful and portable computer... gratuitous link to my own meager synth collection compuphonic's Photos - MyBedroomStudio
  11. www.myspace.com/compuphonic Of course everybody could just add abdnmusic ?
  12. MILLENIUM SR-2024 Millenium SR2024 - 24U Professional Steel Studio Rack with wheels. Very robust. Depth: 40cm, Height: 120cm Color: black 65 including some cage nuts and bolts to get you started.
  13. Time for another dose of KETCHUP, dispensed by - DJ LUNIK & Darryl James You know you want to, so come on, GIVE IT A SHAKE!
  14. Didn't say if you were in the market for a hardware (digital) vocoder, hardware (analog) vocoder, or a plug in vocoder. What have you heard you're looking to emulate ?
  15. The biggest problem with demos that originate at Toms is the bands seldom invest enough time to record the tracks properly - a 4 track cassette portastudio and a Tandy mic can create great results if you have the time to work them.. Try and get the sound you want from your equipment before you record Files I've been given to work on recorded at Captain Toms have had the drum mixed to stereo. Pretty much impossible to rescue this later if you need to eq and set the levels individually for each mic. If you are going to spend the time setting up you equipement and mics make sure you have sufficient individual tracks to mix with afterwards...
  16. Bought Live5 about 9 months ago purely with the intention of putting together sets to play out with on the laptop. We're running the Mac version, and have to say its never crashed. Live really needs to be used with external controllers of some sort - its so easy to assign parameters to a controller and it does really bring out the performance aspects of it (check out the Faderfox controllers), been using it with a Mackie Control and works great. It does take a bit of time to get used to, we've been using it as a Rewire Master to slave Logic to in order to make use of material we already have and to make use of Logics virtual instruments. The audio and midi editing features are not nearly as good as those in Cubase or Logic but its great for jamming loops together and stretching audio - quite a few folk we know are using Live for DJ sets so its reasonably versatile..
  17. Have a look under 'drum map' in the online help. Basically you create an environment object inthe midi layer and assign the names within this. MAke it part of your autoload and it will always be available to you. If you want to use the Mac inbuild sounds (as opposed to Logics) you need to set up the Quicktime midi object. I can't remember off the top of my head how to do this as I don't really rate the sounds that much so never use it... have a look in Audio/Midi control panel. As suggested EXSP24 is probably the way forward for you - there should be some example kits bundled with it. I know this probably doesn't help, but Logic Pro includes Ultrabeat which is probably exactly what you need as you create the patterns within the Ultrabeat window Roland beatbox style.
  18. Tried Scot-Ads or posting it for sale here ?
  19. Full range of percussion instruments available from what ? What are you using as your sound source ? By a 'standard' drum map do you mean a GS midi compatible mapping ? You may need to set up a 'drum map' in the environment depending on what you are using.
  20. Err the only genuine speaker ripping apart sound is... err the speaker ripping apart ??? Is that sound actually desirable ? Ideally you want your speakers output handling to be a good bit beyond your amps so avoid any speaker damage. Also depends how the 4 are wired in the cabinet regarding impedance too. A valve amp will put out a lot more wattage than a solid state one too..
  21. You could try selling it back to the school it was nicked from ?
  22. I'm surprised you haven't had 20 replies already.. not too many vocalists round these parts ;-) If you ever fancy a go at some dirty electro give us a shout
  23. Depends on what your looking for in the way of features and budget and plug in requirements. I'd suggest either Logic Express or Ableton Live 5 Both run on on the newer Intel Macs. Demo downloads are available for both - the only limitation on the Ableton demo is being able to save your work, everything else is fully functional. http://www.ableton.com/index/downloads http://www.apple.com/logicexpress/trial/ Haven't used the current version of SL on the Mac so can't comment on the performance. If you are interested I can supply and of these, so drop me a note if you want pricing..
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