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  1. I'm keen to get involved in the vocals! Been thinking about getting myself back into a band and this sounds right up my street! Unfortunately I don't know Gaelic but I can learn...
  2. Hi Folks, I've been thining about this for a while now so i'm putting it out there to see if anyone would be interested in getting a decent wedding/events band on the go. The aim would be to get a huge range of songs under our belt covering a wide range of genres and stuff from all era's. I sing so am looking for some talented musicians to get involved- guitars, bass, drums and whatever else anyone wants to throw into the mix. I would love to be able to play too but my guitar skills are limited so i'll stick with the vocals. Oh and for the record i'm a 30yo female who has sang in a few bands preivously - The Alligatior Haters(Cover band), New Wave Heroes (Cover band) and Dirty Roots (originals). I have stuff on youtube and soundcloud (search Dawnimo). If you are interested then give me a shout and i guess we can take it from there. Cheers.
  3. Hi Folks, Female singer, late 20's (clinging on to the last few months of it anyways..). I'm currently looking for band, covers or originals, so i can get on stage again. I'm still doing some original stuff but mainly acoustic and am currently not gigging with this. I just wanna be singing again on stage with a band, doing what i love. Previous bands include: The Alligator Haters (cover band - RHCP's, KOL, Biffy, Strokes, Hives and the likes) New Wave Heroes (Cover band - Late 70's early 80's post punk) Dirty Roots (Originals - You can listen to most of our stuff via soundcloud - Username - StrangeJane) Get in touch for more info. Cheers, D
  4. Check out my ad on gumtree and get in touch if you are interested. http://www.gumtree.com/p/for-sale/cort-action-4-string-bass-guitar-includes-soft-carry-case-peavey-micro-bass-amp-and-beginners-book/1006096205
  5. I'm nae deed! But i'm back! My original post is back in action! I need to Sing!!
  6. check my posts, and maybe change your picture.

  7. Hey Dawn

    Myself (drummer) and 2 Guitarists are looking to put together a rock covers band. Here is a list of bands that we would like to cover. We are also open to suggestions.

    Bad Company, Free.. Thin Lizzy. Audioslave, Black Sabbath, Alice Cooper, G&R, ZZ Top, Thunder, Red Hot Chilli Peppers - Higher ground, AC/DC

    Is this something you would be interested in?


  8. Hey folks, I'm currently looking to start singing with a band or possibly form an acoustic type setup with some people. I have most currently been with a band called New Wave Heroes (New wave covers) but unfortunately after only a couple of great gigs things have come to an end. Previous to that i was with The Alligator Haters (see some stuff on you tube). My voice is quite soulful but can suit all sorts of genres. Would be looking to possible start off with covers and then hopefully move into doing some original stuff. I have a mixed interest in music and love rock through to folk to Jazz. If you would be interested in getting together for a jam or whatever then just give me a shout. Cheers, D
  9. So who would have guessed that my 2nd gig with NWH would be my last... ah well out with the old in with the new i guess

  10. <<<< last years costume. PVA glue, paint and toilet paper... Blue Peter eat your heart out!
  11. There is a Charity Fancy Dress night at the Malt Mill on the 29th. My new band "New Wave Heroes" are playing our first set. It kicks off at 7pm til 1am. A mixture of bands playing, starting with a few acoustic sets. Should be a good one. Line up as follows: ACOUSTIC tanya xu otherside kate o hara BANDS Always Obvious Mondo Bizzaro New Wave Heros Debbie Cline band The Sensational Swampsnakes Stimulant
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