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  1. 'stalking' is actually a crime now, cos y'know, that's how you stop crime, by making laws and stuff.
  2. Dang, I'm 25...and my sister is 19 SHIT!
  3. Just listened to a band on here [no names] who clearly have no objective view of their own talent level, when I thought ' hey, you're too old to be Cobain mark II, so why not use your imposing enthusiasm to manage someone else? Does anyone need a pushy, overbearing arsehole to fight their corner?
  4. I laughed at bits nobody else laughed at....?
  5. Alexisonfire, I'm probably setting a record for - X how aware I am that they exist versus Y how often I have heard them
  6. I've got about another 5 years of lookin' tough in me, so crime doesn't bother me even though I'm in the hood....but I am a miserable cunt so maybe that balances it out..
  7. Your musical spread is pretty boss, check out my latest post sir.
  8. Are you up? Check out my latest post i.e. cry for hyelp
  9. Well I dunno but please yourself by checking out my post.
  10. Yeah, I know..y'know why all those bands you like manage to get it together in a vaguely professional manner? Because they formed as musicians, not as friends..friend-bands are statistically screwed.. I don't wanna be your best friend, I wanna get you to play better, to turn up on time, to push yourself, to adapt, to put aside your preconceptions... And if we come to tolerate eachother, gravy, but I just really wanna play live.. I don't wanna be contributing to the mortgages of 'rehearsal room guys' forever.. so if you are (a) just want to play (b) just want to play © over 18 then c'mon! [must at least know the 7, SEVEN!, letters of the musical alphabet]
  11. 1 Epiphone Swingster 1 Cort C5H 5 string bass, small nick at the bridge. offers?
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