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  1. Does anyone know who makes music videos in Aberdeen cheers
  2. Looking for a Harmonica player who likes up beat indie rock music 21-24 age demos are avalable at www.facebook.com/theframedmusic cheers
  3. Glynn

    Guitarist needed

    Looking fr a commited guitarist 20-24 must be keen gigs in London Edinburgh Glasgow aberdeen n more waiting , we have played a few gigs now under the name wasted sidelines but we have now changed the band name and got a record producer down in London , as you can see it's pretty serious , so if your keen then email me or something we play up beat rock indie punk not screaming metal stuff it's really catchy anyway let me know cheers
  4. How many tickets you guys got I need 2
  5. heres a link to our music , www.facebook.com/wastedsidelinesmusic
  6. We got approached by him , we had tracks on FB and reverbnation , I went to London to meet him , and it all kicked off from there really , got chapel studios booked and Monnow valley booked , and we want to do it for a living we have a great chance with our producer helping us out
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