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  1. Stroopy you still interested?!
  2. I forgot to say... I play drums so I am looking for everything else.
  3. Does anyone like to play old school blues? Lots of shuffles and harmonica? I am looking to get some folks together to play some Muddy Waters, Jimmy Reed, Elmore James etc.
  4. I can drum a good number of Quo's songs if that's anything... I also stay in Peterhead...
  5. I must admit I am tempted to make an offer. Shame it wasn't next months pay day and you'd have a deal.
  6. Thats a mighty fine pedal why you selling it?
  7. Nice! You'll see me there. Got all their stuff to date, they bring the fun back into music.
  8. Tom Petty would be pretty fun to play. List some songs and I might have a gander. I play drums btw
  9. Im guessing boogie isn't popular in aberdeen...
  10. 50s, 60s, 70s... I wish I could get in a band who play that stuff haha.
  11. 26 year old rock n roll drummer looking for a home. In desperate need to pay rock n roll. Influences Chuck berry, AC/DC, Creedence Clearwater Revival and Status Quo. My playing style is based on simplicity and self control. I don't use double bass pedles and I absolutely hate large drum fills. Please do message me if you're serious. Getting abit fed up of people who are all talk.
  12. Got a contact? Im not very good with forums etc for finding folks.
  13. well I didnt expect to actually get a response...
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