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  1. Eye of every storm is more thought out and more steady whilst other cds like sun that never sets/times of grace/sovereign are harder releases, i am into both styles. It depends what your into more i guess
  2. Neurosis has recently completed work on their new full-length album titled Given To The Rising. The record will hit stores in early May via Neurot Recordings on CD and double LP. According to the band we should prepare ourselves for 71+ minutes of early-period brutality and heaviness combined with all the interior space and wind-swept isolation of the more recent albums. This is going to be cd of the year
  3. ^^only if you take me for a hot date i would go!
  4. Still some of the titles have great titles! Put those cunts in their place more!
  5. mine is "nazis make good targets" 1 - The Spiky Joys - Fuckin Nazis Annihilation, 2 - Total Chaos - Kill The Nazis, 3 - Napalm Death - Nazi Punks Fuck Off, 4 - Malignant Tumour - Nazis Raus, 5 - Crossing Chaos - Fuck Nazi, 6 - Rottuated - Fuck Nazi Sympathy, 7 - Swallowing Shit - Christian Metal Equal, 8 - USCB Allstars - Nazi Scums Are Walkings Nazi Reggae, 9 - Anti Globalizator - Beat The Nazi, 10 - Diskonto - Kungen Ar Nazist, 11 - Dicks - No Nazis Friend. 12 - Phobia - Dead Nazis, 13 - Sanitys Dawn - Fuck The Fucking Nazi Scum. 14 - Eugene Chadbourne - Nazi Punks Fuck Off, 15 - Cripple Bastards - Nazi Dad, 16 - DBS - David O Is A Nazi, 17 - Pulmonary Fibrosis - Fuck Off Nazi Bastard, 18 - Wizo - Naziskins, 19 - Doom - Nazi Die. 20 - The Heartburns - Nazi Bastard In Blue, 21 - Christian Death - Nazi Killer, 22 - POA - All Nazis Are Bastards, 23 - More Noise For Life - Nazi Punk Fuck Off, 24 - Asocial - Krossa Nazismen, 25 - Hellbastard - Nazis Killed, 26 - Konflikt - Antinazi, 27 - Ens - Kickin In The Face Of A Naziscum, 28 - Desorden Masivo - Revuelta Antinazi, 29 - Barbed Wire - Nazi Briton Fuck Off, 30 - Chumbawamba - On The Day The Nazi Died, 31 - Dead Kennedys - Nazi Punks Fuck Off, 32 - Heiter Bis Wolkig - 10 Kleine Nazischweine, 33 - Infest - Nazi Killer, 34 - Dtakters - Kristna Nynazister, 35 - Propagandhi - The Only Good Fascist Is A Very Dead Fascist, 36 - UK Subs - Nazi Cunts, 37 - Adolfs Gossar - Krossa Nazismen, 38 - Leftover Crack - Nazi White Trash, 39 - Mushroom Attack - Fuck Nazis, 40 - Oi Scouts - Nuke The Nazis, 41 - Sore Throat - Well March Against The Nazis, 42 - H2O - Nazi Punks Fuck Off, 43 - Antidote - No Nazis In Punk!, 44 - Rumble Militia - Nazis Raus, 45 - Fight Back - No To Nazis, 46 - Non Servium - Antinazis, 47 - Slime - Nazis Raus, 48 - Sere Krev - Fuck Off Nazis, 49 - Oi Polloi - Nazi Scum, 50 - FUs - Trendy Nazi Hypocrites, 51 - Atomvinter - Nazifasoner. 52 - Disarm - Destrua O Nazismo. 53 - Toxic Bonkers - Nazi Fuckers, 54 - Korova - Nazis Ruined Shaved Heads. 55 - GRB - Nazis Muertos, 56 - Kastracja - Nazi Punk Fuck Off. 57 - Aus Rotten - Fuck Nazi Sympathy, 58 - Final Conflict - Nazi Punks Fuck Off, 59 - MDC - Nazis Shouldnt Drive, 60 - Stockholms Anarkafeministkor - On The Day The Nazi Died
  6. Have heard some of the new radiohead songs live, its sounds real nice, love the song called videotape, watch out for that a real classic! New songs they have performed live are down is the new up, 4 minute warning, bangers n mash, house of cards, airpeggi ( brilliant track), 15 step, all i need, i want none of this, body snatchers, open pick and spooks.
  7. I am glad they have dropped the commercial sound from the last cd, shows people that nine inch nails still know where their roots are
  8. tom morello is going to concentrate on one of his previous bands the nightwatchman. Should be very interesting. Chris cornell was great in soundgarden but i think his solo project and audioslave sucked.
  9. yeah nice album, didnt some of the media give it bad reviews? If so shame on them!
  10. Then tell me this, who are the winners with zacks animosity towards some of the fanbase with them not being able to understand what ratm are about and then him quiting? Also tell me this, who are the winners if the band stops playing and goes home because of zacks feelings? Are you then calling zack a liar? If you believe in what he does as a person then on the other hand say he is wrong, seems a bit hypocritical to me, it wasnt my words, it was his. I am using the zacks words to explain my argument simply because i am in agreement with him. If you got what the band where about then why didnt you state the facts i have mentioned? You go to a gig to jump about? Not the case since their are alot of different people who attend gigs, dont you realise that everyone is different? Sure i go to see sigur ros and jump about to that heh
  11. your sarcasm totally misses the point, i based my comments on fact, your based your comment on idiocy
  12. Give me a few examples of who are then
  13. Strange one there really, sure tom helped the cause, but zach did the talking in all ratm dvds when their was a message to put across, if what you're saying is true though then why didnt tom have input?
  14. tell me why then at a ratm bootleg i heard after people didnt take their message seriously by jumping about and being idiots, zach then said "if you want to do this shit then we will just walk offstage and not perform because that is not what we are about" Then again you might be totally clueless about what ratm shows are like, this clearly shows a divide between the band and the fan base
  15. Nine inch nails live - beside you in time - halo 22 - 02.27.07 HD DVD / BLU-RAY FEATURES: - 24 songs in 16x9 1080p high definition from the live: with_teeth 2006 tour - dolby true-hd 5.1 digital surround sound - dolby digital 5.1 / stereo - five bonus videos - alternate angles - image gallery STANDARD DVD FEATURES: - 24 songs from the live: with_teeth 2006 tour presented in 16x9 anamorphic widescreen - dts 5.1 digital surround sound - dolby digital 5.1 / stereo - five bonus videos - alternate angles - image gallery - interactive discography very nice, thinks its the first ever simultaneous 3 tier release
  16. PIG DESTROYER has entered Omega Studios (BAD BRAINS) in Rockville, MD to begin recording its new full-length album, titled "Phantom Limb". The follow-up to 2004's "Terrifyer" will feature 14 all-new songs from the heralded grindcore troupe and artwork by John Baizley (BARONESS, TORCHE). Advance songtitles include: "Cemetery Road", "Rotten Yellow", "Jupiter's Eye", "Heathen Temple" and "The Machete Twins". Commented PIG DESTROYER vocalist JR Hayes: "We're recording to two-inch analog tape, which is really exciting. The drums sound HUGE, and the guitar tones are really nasty and aggressive. Brian's been on top of his game all year, busting out easily the fastest blast beats I've ever seen him play. As usual, Scott's written a whole arsenal of scalding riffs, but I feel like he really outdid himself with the arrangements on this record. The songs feel great and we've been having a load of fun playing them for the last five months. It's the 14 most deranged metal songs we could make up, so get ready to sink your f*cking teeth in." Added guitarist Scott Hull: "We're excited about 'Phantom Limb' because it all seems to be coming together in a much different way than our past discs. We set the date for the studio, THEN we fired up the muse to write the material. The process has became much faster, more focused, and with all the energy intact and sharpened. It has also been a hugely positive experience to be able to just be the guitarist, rather than the guy behind the button as well. Just wait until you hear it." Best band ever
  17. simply because it was against the wishes of zach. He was the political force in rage, for that reason he didnt want this cd brought out
  18. Then perhaps you would like to point out how my statement "is full of shit " with proof of your own? instead of posting non constructive crap that make your iq look shallow
  19. very good point, thats what it did for me
  20. but renegades wasnt a proper release, it was a covers cd really, bit like with a a perfect circle and emotive, i couldnt class that as a proper release. I have always considered rap to be the most vocal way of putting a message across.
  21. It is because of the lack of interest in what they were saying that they split, in other words it was people like you who made the choice for the band splitting up.
  22. RATM has never been about the music, its about the message they take across and for the record rage against the machine split up because not enough people actually sat down and listened to what they where saying as a band. Anyone who thinks rage against the machine is about the music has completely missed the point the band was trying to make.
  23. after first time of hearing, sounds very good!
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