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    Rangers v Aberdeen

    We just dont have the steel and arrogance to win at ibrox Seems to be a mental block or maybe even physchological problem when we go there. They need a dirty player in midfield so the dons can sort out that pie eating cunt ferguson out. He is overated but only looks good in the spl, hence the reason he left the premier league
  2. First time i have heard this band, but it had a nice sound
  3. End of the day if you show attitude in this line of business it wont get you money. Their has to be a level of understanding and patience in the retail industry. I know because i have worked with the public for over nine years. Sure their is good and bad, that is an aspect of life and people have to find a way to combat it without being confrontational which results in making the situation worse. You have no right to lable everyone in a negative and unconstructive manner.
  4. ala pc world!! I found out a manager from pc world knew absolutely nothing about computers! I remember having an interview there once and the dude who gave the interview said "oh and you dont have to know about computers to work here"!!!!!!!!
  5. rune

    Rangers v Aberdeen

    I went last time to ibrox and we should of won it then, was very unlucky when a chris clark shot went off the post and out. The problem with tomorows game is that mike mcurry is ref. Always seem to be a bad history with mcurry and the dons. I guess thats the weegee factor coming into place again. Dons are playing good football and for the life of me i dont understand the home support. Langfield and the defence have been outstanding recently so i fancy the dons to go away with either 1-1 or 1-0
  6. yeah thanks for that good point, could always try and claim that then at a last resort use tradiing standards, 160 quid is alot to shell out on somethings that is fucked. Just aswell i got returns on my bust ddr memory and psu
  7. Its a game i never played, so couldnt say
  8. computer probs arghhhhhh, got sent a faulty board and a amd dual core 4200 cpu. decided to fry my 1 gig ddr, my new psu to boot. Now the ******* have said it was checked before shipping. Bolloks since i have built several pcs before :| Not sure what i can do now, fuck
  9. aye looks good, better hope you dont wreck your arms tho!
  10. oh nice feature! still he has to come challenge me before he is the best
  11. oh yeah command ship in the near future so i can solo 4s
  12. Well well!! Ex corp member How is fat boy rob doing!
  13. i use zen internet on 6 meg, from usenet i get speeds of 850k a sec
  14. i stopped playing it for a few weeks after the dev scandal with bob. But decided to play it again. so much in the pipeline too atm. In the next few months agent levels 1-7 will be available! The improved graphics engine will work on dx9 too, so thats good news. I just want bob to die! Training for command ship atm, as i have a navy apoc with all t2 fittings with also faction gear too free up more cpu (essential)!
  15. i knew a guy who almost got divorce over this game!
  16. anyone here play it? been playing for over a year now and think its awesome! its gonna use dx10 and vista soon too with a major update in march. Anyone who hasnt played it can try download it from here EVE Online - a massive multiplayer online roleplaying space game - MMORPG Its the most competitive online games i have ever played
  17. Use winamp with the ipod addon, itunes is shit period
  18. Swos on the amiga 1200, thats a game i never get sick off and international superstar soccer on the snes! i want samurai showdown 6 so bad! Please mame go and emulate it!
  19. I respect them completely as a band and their musical ability and also the great talent they have inspired , just cant get into the sound. Maybe if i listen to more of their cds i would like them. Will check them out more in the future Love the name captain oi though I guess if discharge got local support then all the cocksuckers would post on this thread!
  20. Good point, i feel the industry is going more and more commercial
  21. i really like this band, great punk sound. Will defiantly look into buying their cds
  22. rune


    - Release Info -------------------------------------------------------------- - Artist: Pelican Album: City Of Echoes Label: Hydra Head Records Playtime: 42:32 min Genre: Metal URL: pelican Street date: 2007-05-22 - Release Notes ------------------------------------------------------------- - This is undoubtably their best record yet, and an absolute instru-metal masterpiece. Enjoy, and make sure you pick it up on double lp when it eventually comes out. Pelican is a four-piece instrumental band hailing from Chicago, Illinois who have since relocated to Los Angeles. The band is known for its dense combinations of different melodies and extended track lengths. Their distinctive sound draws from doom metal as well as post-rock and many other influences, making them exemplary proponents of post-metal. They are signed to Hydra Head Records, which is owned and operated by Aaron Turner of Isis. Larry Herweg, Trevor de Brauw, and Laurent Lebec also make up three-quarters of the band Tusk. - Track List ---------------------------------------------------------------- - 01. Bliss In Concrete ( 5:30) 02. City Of Echoes ( 7:05) 03. Spaceship Broken-Parts Needed ( 6:04) 04. Winds With Hands ( 3:57) 05. Dead Between The Walls ( 5:06) 06. Lost In The Headlights ( 4:09) 07. Far From Fields ( 5:17) 08. A Delicate Sense Of Balance ( 5:24) - --------------------------------------------------------------------------- -
  23. oh yeah, that was such a great gig. Made out of babies supported who where very good too Neurosis live were so tight, brilliant musicians, hit every sound so well. Was abit suprised eye of every storm tracks never got played more but still a great set. The forum in london is a top venue indeed
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