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  1. Yeah your a life saver!! Thx for that
  2. rune


    Can you still buy terrorizer or do you have to subscribe?? Havent seen it in wh smiths for a while...... Into doom alittle but been listening to alot of anodyne fucking amazing band
  3. rune

    Norma jean

    Better get the pampers out then
  4. rune

    Norma jean

    Yes ive got the norma jean album and seen them live aswell as hearing various biohazard cds
  5. For me kef is a dead scene, to many mainstream acts that all sound the same. Drakes does provide a good alternative but its beyond my resources to stay for long. Lemon tree now and again has good gigs, whenever a band i really like comes to aberdeen for the most they never come again just because they aint trendy or considered fashionable enough for the pop kiddies. So now i goto glasgow to see the bands i like. I really feel like my taiste in music is being forced out of aberdeen and if i could i would live in glasgow. I will never try to become someone i aint by listening to bands that i dont care about. It would be untrue to myself. I believe in the music and bands i like and i wont change that just so i can become "popular" within the scene
  6. Not a patch on will haven, the vocals dont do anything for me. Looks like theyve gone softcore
  7. Sweet! where do i get this awesome creation?
  8. Popular? hehe not sure about that, grindcore i dont think has never been popular Whens the last time you seen pig destroyer on top of the pops! Im sure that would ruffle a few feathers Considering when extreme noise terror were asked to show on tele and when the producers actaully heard the sound, they deemed it "not in the intererst of the general public" Dont think this genre will ever hit wide stream appeal. Shame it should really as everyone should own a pig destroyer cd so to widen their scope in music! Still have to find a band heavier than pig destroyer myself tho
  9. rune

    Norma jean

    Musically norma jean sound way to much like biohazard for me. Which does suggest cash in. Lyrics in music are very important to me, its not all about sound. I really dont see the point of listening to bands if you dont know what message they are trying to put across. Hence why zack de la rocha quit rage against the machine. Religious hardcore i dont agree with, hardcore for me is against the grain and anything else seems false to me. Would you really see religious fanatics listening to hardcore? I really much doubt it, Hell there is no way that youde see them playing norma jean at church on a sunday its just now "mainstream" enough
  10. Anyone know when the cd\dvd pig destroyer combo release is coming? Seems an eternity.......
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