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  1. quite possibly so. if you're honest. you know it. she has a weird tummy.
  2. Would i go?? Would i.. fuck yes! How could i resist lol theyre way too cool to miss. (ahaha that rhymed, how random) They were amazing at reading last year... so yeah, thats a YES!!
  3. they were amaaaaaazingly AWESOME supporting the others, this should be fun.
  4. erm... the newest bloc party one is pretty cool... :O
  5. haha i don't know about marrying him... but you know, i've seen worse lol. And yeah "skunx" across your forehead... as long as he's happy i suppose. Personally i think he's become a bit of a sexist twat these days. But each to their own..
  6. yeah my mate saw lars in exeter and said he wasn't that amazed by the performance. hmmm
  7. Fuckin hell... the UK Subs??!?!?!!! <333333333
  8. Head Automatica - Beating Heart Baby <3
  9. *cough*.... THIEF! i do believe that was my picture, was it not?
  10. at least you went.... thats all i have to say...
  11. hmm i've seen worse. It seemed liked they were over-doing the headbanging in order to get the "yeah, i'm hardcore now, not pop" message across... or maybe that was just me....
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