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  1. yeah and less than a month ago the Conservative leaning Supreme court confirmed that a similar case with: Same Back Ground (military rather than Government public service), no prior convictions, exact same offence etc etc was a fair sentance. And he got 3 months more than Scooter.
  2. Hang on, isn't it his fucking music to do whatever he wants with? And I'm pretty certain the stores have done quite nicely out of prince selling albums over the years
  3. Oh for fucks sake. It's one kid. Sure its a shame, but hows about the 600,000 dead iraqis no one gives a fuck about.
  4. man u play good fitba. chelsea don't. Plus, Chelsea have a buncha diving basturts in their side. And then there's Mr Mourinho... love from christy
  5. a drummer should be able to make people dance. love from christy
  6. Are you having a giggle? Newcastle are so far behind the top four it's quite amusing. They are at least five years away from a title challenge. They have gone for a mid-table manager who has made mid-table signings because they're a mid-table team. A fully fit Owen (wishful thinking), perhaps Martins and Given are the only players who are good enough for the Champions League. They don't have any quality at the back and fuck all in midfield. All this talk of Newcastle being a big team makes me laugh. They are shite. Sleeping giant? Fucking comatose, more like. Love from christy
  7. I'd be interested to have a look at one and fill it out too if you want. PM me.
  8. Simple, yeah? Well, yer ma's shite! Haud at in yer face love from christy x
  9. Come on now! Peter van der Ark? You're mixing your shit, moustachioed midfielders with your inept beanpole strikers! Although, big Willem was a bit of a cult hero. Not quite sure why, but hey... love from christy
  10. It's not sold out, tickets available on the door Rob
  11. no, we'll sort that out tomorrow afternoon with the tour manager depending on what he wants.
  12. no club night, so no curfew, but probably finish about 11.00 like any other gig in the country
  13. We used to have Crown but the brewers stopped stocking it. On the plus side i'm in Sydney at the moment so i'm just going to pop off for a schooner of Carlton. Which is nice x
  14. Problem with most of this stuff is that the bands agent sets the ticket price, so while I think some of our shows would be better attended with lower priced tickets there is often not much we can do. R
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