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  1. Annoyingly sarah J Tingle's myspace doesn't have any music up - was quite intrigued to hear her sound first - Interesting profile pic though :O
  2. I saw it as I was walking up Union St, and I phoned the police when i was outside starbucks. They were weaving in and out of traffic and drove down the pavement on the other side of the road and stopped to talk to their ned friends outside burger king. They then sped off and did a few U-turns. A few mins later they flew up again towards holburn junction followed by 4 police cars. A big bang was heard when they hit the drivers door of a yellow car and the bike landed on the pavement, hitting pedestrians. There were definitely three people on the bike - one older teenage driver and two young boys who looked between 8 and 12 - neither of them wearing helmets!
  3. I thought the sound was fine - could hear the triangle solo well enough, which by the way totally ruled! haha finally an instrument I can get on board with....
  4. Yeah I know what you're saying but most of the people were there to see the Foos. Its always the same - the support bands never get the same reception as the headliners. Plus all of his solo material is new and basically unknown so it's not exactly easy for people to sing along and jump around to. I still think he was superb!
  5. How ace were the Foo's last night? I had a blast, Dave Grohl's banter gets better every time haha. Have to say was quite impressed with the length of the set and at the AECC for letting them have that walkway bitty down the middle, although he didn't use it much. I was however NOT impressed with the heat of the place! Was absolutely loving Serj Tankian's solo set too especially with the outfits they were all wearing! Yeah, awesome!
  6. Ah right - so what have you done for them? When you're giving up your time to raise money etc then you can complain. Nobody says you have to support her campaign but there's no point in being negative. Anyway the money raised also goes towards many missing children's charities - not just Madeleine McCann campaign, which incidently costs 20,000 a week to continue looking for her after the Portugese police have scaled down their investigation. But that wasn't even the point of the thread - I was talking about the festival in general...
  7. Did anyone else go and get soaked? The same weekend as Glastonbury so you can imagine the mud bath! All in all pretty good - Only went on the saturday - Willy Mason, Idlewild and KT Tunstall. Good atmosphere and with only about 3000 to 4000 of the 16,000 ticket holders going for the music (it was a family festival packed with activites, comedians and sports etc) it was pretty easy to get close to the front, and see the performers wandering around the main arena themselves Despite the constant pouring rain the atmosphere was good and the alcohol and banter both flowing, not to mention the mud. Willy Mason actually rocked considering how little known he still is in Britain. Idlewild performed as good as ever, and it was KT Tunstalls birthday so she was hyper and wasted to suit. My sister was campaigning at the festival to sell the first official Madeleine McCann wristbands too, so the organisers told us to throw a load of them on stage during the acts in between songs for publicity.... so we did and all of Willy Mason's band put them on, most of Idlewild (bar Roddy who is just to cool for school, booooo) and KT was just too excited to notice I think! see Youtube Vid Anyway anyone go on Sunday to see Crowded House or the Guilliemots on Friday???
  8. pretty good i must say. Good selection of music over the night and for 4 7 bands was pretty good value. Ry Walker and Kitchen Cynics very funny again. Love their sound. Amber was as angelic as always. nice little farewell indeedy
  9. We were standing at steps to the right of the floor, by the pole dancing bit and there was this old twat with his his drunken mouthy bird who would not shut the hell up. She had one of those voices that just grates you too. They started kicking off when one girl politely asked them to be quiet. knobbers. Aside from that, gig was fookin ace and the Masonator blew the whole audience away! He's playing the Outsider Festival with KT Tunstall and Idlewild in Aviemore on 23rd June BTW - day ticket 35
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