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New SOILWORK album...

Dan G

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Is fucking amazing!

"Stabbing the Drama" came out a week a go (although thanks to a certain Mr Scott Bowden I have owned the promo for a month)

The chorus' are all huge, some massive riffs and the production is huge! the band are so tight they practically sound mechanical in places.

Their last four albums have all been awesome and I really couldn't chose a favourite.

Anyway, well worth a purchase for anyone who likes heavy music with a sense of melody.

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soilwork are ok' date=' always seemed like a poor man's In Flames to me[/quote']


I used to love In Flames - Clayman especially, and also Colony and Whoracle were decent too, but Reroute was a bit crap and Soundtrack is SHITE! Gutted...

However if you listen to 'A Predators Portrait' by Soilwork it is pure technical thrash along the lines of at the gates, pantera, dream theater and their own atmospheric melodic stylings roled into one.

Everything they've done since has been more groove based and less thrash but it is still awesome!

I guess you can't really compare the two musically - but although I got into In Flames first, I prefer Soilwork by miles these days...

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