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Iron Cobra pedals

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Im wanting an iron cobra double pedal' date=' the trouble is i dont know which one to get.

power glide

rolling glide

flexi glide

can someone please fill me in on this


Sorry, I'm confused. You claim to not know which one you want, yet you are sure that it must be an Iron Cobra?

The different models will probably have different cams or chains. However, the brand should be irrelevant. Get the pedal that feels right to play....not the one that makes you look like Lars. You should go down to ProSound or Bruce Millers and experiment with every pedal you can until you find one that suits you. Tama, DW, Mapex, Sonor, Pearl, Ludwig, Gibraltar etc all make pro-quality pedals...and some are much cheaper than a Cobra. Buying something because of the name is potentially a very expensive way to make a mistake.

There...thats my tuppence worth!

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I used to own the Flexi Glides...went for them because of the speed...they were insanely fast...it was like trying to run whilst being attached to a train!!! I sometimes was unsure whether they'd give a good enough kick, I think you had to be heavier footed than I was....sometimes they got a bit quiet. The heads on iron cobras rule though....

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