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Zutons cancelled!


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Let me see if I've got this right, The Zutons are all over the media at the moment, they're supposed to be playing Aberdeen (free gig as well I hear)but they didn't make it. But they will reschedule, honest guv.

That all seems very familiar. Call my cynical if you like but I wouldn't go freeing up my evenings next week for them.

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And... MTV may well have been in town as the set up was supposed to begin at 9am yesterday. Not to mention that the entire venue was to have been stripped of anything looking like the Tunnels: They were giving up two nights for this, extending the stage etc etc etc. Repeat next week? I wonder if this is anything close to a pain in the arse for the productiuon company, venue, staff and punters? Who foots the bill, The Zutons?

But shit happens!


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