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Majnun US would like to play Aberdeen. Can you help?


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We are an American rootsy/blues/rock band called Majnun. We can be heard at Majnunband.com. We are invited to play a gig at the Findhorn Foundation(somewhere near Inverness) in May or June, but we'll need some other local gigs to make it financially feasible (we're 8/9 people). Does anybody have any recommendations? We already received a polite and clear refusal from the Lemon Tree. Any bookers out there? Any bands out there who would be interested in playing with us somewhere?

We do have a good friend in Scotland who would do a lot of the footwork for us.

Thanks everybody for your help.

Tariq Brown

Illinois USA

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Guest Mr Blastcap

you people are very negative, its like, totally depressing dawson.

i suggest you try the moorings, best pa in britain i've heard. you wont get a soundcheck though.


i know rocky ericsons cousin.

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More details here from Tariq

Thanks everybody for the info. Yes, we are 8 to 9 people, although last year when we toured Germany we encountered some really small stages and had to pair back our numbers. It was fine -- with six we're just a normal rock band -- three guitars, bass, drums, vocalists, keyboard.

We'll be touring Germany also this trip, so we won't have to walk from America. But we may have to swim the channel.

I'll be following up with the Moorings and Drummonds and the other links you've suggested. Thank you so much.


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I'd agree with The Moorings' date=' I've copied this thread to their forum, maybe Flash can help you out.

You could try speaking to Hen at Drummonds, he may have a night you'd fit in to.

You should also have a look at


they have a good venue guide based mostly around the Inverness area, and you can try their forum too.

as far as i know hen dont work there anymore

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