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Like Hip-hop? Real Hip-hop I Mean, Not That Bling Sh*t!!


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The First Friday Of The Month Will See The Worlds Best Hip-hop Djs, Mc's And Possibly Even Breakers, Coming To Kef.

Starting In May, The In Crowd's Yet Unnamed (check Out The Poll - You Guys Name It) Night Of Beats, Rhymes And General Ill Sh*t Will Be Bringing To Aberdeen The Likes Of Mixmaster Mike, Cut Chemist, Scratch Perverts, Jehst, Shortee Blitz, Dj Premier (fingers Crossed On That One!)...well You Get The Point.

Think I'm Full Of Sh*t? Well The Guest Of Our Official Launch On Wednesday 27th April Is None Other Than Legendary Turntablist Q-bert. If You Don't Know Who He Is, I'm Not Even Going To Waste Time Explaining. Support This Night Folks, Aberdeen Needs This.

What We Need Is A Name For This Soon-to-be Legendary Night. You Come Up With Something. The Winner Gets Guestlist For Every In Crowd Event Ever (unless We Spend Thousands On These Artists And You All Stay At Home Watching Tv, Thus Making Us Poor And Homeless, I.e Kenny Dope - Where Were You All For That, Huh?).

First Up Though Freddy Fresh This Saturday At Kef. Should Be A Good Night, Fresh Has Got A New Album Coming Out.

Looking Forward To Some Interesting Club Name Suggestions.

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In rap music the thing that makes the underground stand out more than the "comercial" stuff is the lyrical contant. To get a name for the night, think of things that are "hot" in underground music right now i.e Word Play is BIG right now. SO a simple name with a little word play i.e Underground music, "not that bling shit".......= Underground Bling (this is NOT a suggestion ! this name sucks)

You get my point etc

thats the way I'd to it anyway

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I don't think the main difference is lyrical content. That inplies every hip-hop song has a rapper or another form of vocal. Hip-hop can be just instrumentals.

I think most people understand what constitutes a "bling" tune. It isn't the technical way to describe the likes of 50 Cent, etc. but I bet most people knew straight away that I was referring to the afore mentioned "Fiddy" rather than the Roots or Dialated Peoples.

Besides you still haven't actually come up with any decent names. The belmont-street.com site has the poll, so have a look and if the two names that are there don't grab you then maybe you can suggest an alternative.

P.S (Plug) - Freddy Fresh at Kef this Saturday, support from Ultraphunk's T1NO and Nelly.

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