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Royal Rumble '05


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Here's a plan, since ALL WWE pay-per-view events are now on satanta sports or whatever it's called, who all wants to chip in 2 or something and watch it at my house? When it's ordered i get it from sunday night to wednesday afternoon, so if everyone holla'd round on monday or something it could make for a rare day.

Who's with me?

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Aw tits, how lame was New Years Revolution.

Match one: 1/2 way through Eugene fucks his knee

Match two: 1 minute in, Lita her knee

Match three: Mayvens worst matches ever

Mach four: King and Hamed in a scoop-slam contest

Match five: No-one gets busted open between snitski / Kane

Match six: Orton gets a wegie, looks like he's wearing a thong.

Totally glad i didn't have to pay for it.

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Anyone who knows where i live can be there for 5.45 but i'll be at 1up for 5 o'clock - leaving at 10 past - and everyone has to bring there own booze and 2 for viewing pleasure, lets not turn it into a drunk-fest like, and if anyone wants my number pm me and i'll send it tonight (sunday).... Lets get ready to rumble!!!!

P.s. There's also room for two more folk at least... Must reply here like...

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