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My Song, Have a listen

Drew DigiTek

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My Song was on Radio Magnetic today, but best part is it was for a show presented by Steg G and Freestyle Master "Best Scottish Hip Hop of 2004".

It was the most requested song of the night, so thanks for the E-Mails sent requesting the song (if you did).

The Song is called Reflections by EKIZEL (me, Aberdeen) featuring West (dundee) and Rhyminister(dundee *Brechin*) (production by from KAMOTO). Mixed, mastered and edited by myself.

Download/Listen click here : www.ekizel.co.uk/MP3/Reflections_radiomag.mp3

Give me your thoughts on the track

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I never use other artists beats, I produce my own stuff but i have recently (in the last few months) landed a producer called Kamoto, and on this track, Kamoto produced the beat.

I try to keep the songs sounding as scottsh as possible, no fake yank accents and no yank slag from me.

Forgot to say but on that track the rapping order is : Ekizel (me), West and then Rhyminister.

But thanks for the feedback, looking good so far !

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Guest Neubeatz

You must be one chip short of a fish supper mate :moody:

Yes your well close with that H..;)

But its more like "short of the cash 4 a chip supper"

I often wonder why I accept such abuse for simply making a positive contribution to local indie music too.........:D

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Guest neil ex
My knowledge of Hip-Hop is non existent' date=' but I enjoyed it. I'll need a few listens to grab all the words. [/quote']

Same with me, I like the track. Definitely interested in hearing more Scottish hip-hop..

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W H A T !

Where did you see me live ?

None of the movie samples or music samples I use are from other rap artists, I have how ever sampled queen etc and samples from Movies, samples which no other artist has used and also as you've heard sampled phrases from classic rap song, as rappers have been doing for about 15 years.

Also I NEVER rap, preform or record on other artists beats so this Gravediggaz tale is ehhhh

I think you thinking of my pre-meditate beat, which uses a sample from the music from "10 Tigers from Kwantung" a kung Foo movie which Rza took the sample for his solo song "Enter the Wu-Tang" before the Wu-Tang group was made, then used the same sample for "Diary of a Madman" the Grave Diggaz track, I sampled the theme tune to the movie but a completly different 4/4 sample and put it in reverse with different drums and tempo to Rzas beat.

Not meaning to sound a dick, but yeah thanks for that mate

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cheers, yeah it was a sample from the same Original Diary of a Madman was taken from, the 4 bars before the sample rza used.

Must have been The Lemon Tree you were at, only time I've done that track live, the backing tracks were bad at that show, stepped in for the show a few days before so had to throw a mix together quick and never got a proper chance to sort out the EQ's. Not normally a gig i would go for along side bands but its was ok like would definatly preform along side bands again, good to hear what non-Hip hop listeners think you know, turn out was not good tho, no promotion at all.

Cheers for all the feed so far appreciated

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Guest lime ruined my life

i wouldnt consider myself a non hip hop listener, but i know what you mean, im not a fanatic. im not too into the ghetto stuff. rza isnt the best, im more into underground stuff like dalek and def jux stuff. although im into classic stuff like tribe called quest.

im intrested to hear what itl be like now you have a producer. i assume you wont be bouncing your tracks onto cd and playing them on a cd live anymore? best getting some samplers. maybe a live dj?

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