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Kurt Cobain's memoirs - a fascinating excerpt

Dan G

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Taken from a chapter about the Nevermind recording sessions - I think this passage gives a great insight to Kurt as a human and his sometimes volatile relationship with Dave Grohl:


"David (Grohl, drums) came late to recording again. That's the third time this week, and I tell him as much; "Dave, that's the third time you have been late this week", I say. He knows I only call him 'Dave' when I'm angry and he seems less than impressed. David sits down on his drum stool and just glares at me - his two eyes piercing my body like lasers from the Predator's shoulder-mounted plasma cannon through hot butter. If I was made of butter that could have done some serious damage, but fortunately I'm not made of butter so I'm absolutely fine...only my feelings are hurt, and I can deal with this because the irony is that feelings don't actually have any feelings. If only Carl Weathers had issued Mac, Billy and Poncho with armour made from feelings then they'd probably all still be alive...Dillon, you son of a bitch.

David picks up his drumsticks and starts violently battering his skins in a manner that resembles a chimp on PCP, if the chimp had really long hair and was also very, very angry. He doesn't even look at his drumkit, maintaining direct eye-contact with me through every 'BANG', 'POW', 'THWACK', 'DOOSH' and 'pip' (he occasionally catches a rim, but the resulting noise is surprisingly shrill). I can see that with each and every blow he is directing his ire solely at me, and that he is in all liklihood picturing the snare drum being my head, the floor tom being my head, the other two smaller toms being two more of my heads if my head was a bit smaller, and the kick drum pedal as being my balls or perhaps also my head. I dread to think what a drumkit made out of human heads - especially my human heads - would sound like, but I'm sure that someone, somewhere has tried it. I mention this to our producer, Butch Vig, and he informs that indeed Brian Eno attempted this on his poorly received 7th solo album, 'Meloncracker: Songs Of The Head And Other Appendages'. Of course he did, the lunatic. 

Abstract thoughts such as this often distract me during one of David's outbursts, and by the time I've finished picturing an orchestra comprised entirely of musicians playing instruments made out of their own body parts, approximately four minutes and twenty-two seconds have passed and he has tired himself out. Krist (Novoselic, bass) informs me it was a good take, so we decide to keep it."

- Kurt Cobain, 1990

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