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What You've been waiting for.....


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My brother brought it back from America for me :)

Me and Mac' date=' we love the A-Team... long evenings, Fonthill Road, the A-Team and an 8-track... I'm saying no more ;)[/quote']

Hey man, this chicken soup's alright. Its not as good as my grandmother's but its alright..

I pity the fool who don't enjoy Mrs Baracus' Chicken soup :up:

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I heard at one point that Ving Rhames was being lined up to play the big man, that would have been ok, much better than Michael Clarke Duncan. He's WAY to massive, not that I have anything against massive people... obviously, but BA was never that huge, muscly but fairly short. Ving Rhames would have pretty much fit the bill, apart he would have never have the ability to pull off the one-liners with such aplom.

And if Jim Carrey ever got his hands on the part of Murdock I'd be very sad indeed.

Ooops, just read back and realised that quite a lot of what I've written could be perceived as being very rude indeed :)

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Hey guys guess what' date=' I finally got the pictures from my camera after it died on tour with you guys last year.........

A couple of good hair moments!!!!! :headbang:

Better Late than Never!! :ding:

Would have put them on the site...but won't let me post attachments??!! X(

Hopefully you'll see them at some point!!!



Upload them to your gallery then use the IMG tags to link them...

I'm such a geek.

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