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next DMFS gig: moshulu

The Ghost Of Fudge

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i reckon im gonna have to get a ticket to this gig...although admittly the main reason im going is Radio Lucifer (which is only because i aint heard the other bands) but iv heard good things said about em so should be interesting.

EDIT: just watched the tie your mother down video from the deadloss website...anychance of a re-enactment at moshulu with deadless/lucifer?...go on..ya know ya want to..

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Guest onlynik
i think he said it's dirty sludgy blues. i may be mistaken.

tie your mother down? possibly. if we can play it once through in soundcheck. 'if' being the keyword here.

You actually have soundchecks, wow, well you learn something new everyday ;)

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