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Cold Years

Ross G

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Me and a few pals started a band for fun and tracked a live record in a cottage in the middle of nowhere.


It's a bit different to anything any of us had done before, but we liked doing music for the sake of music.


Songs are on Soundcloud for anyone who wants to listen to them.




Let me know what you think.



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Pretty fucking good man! Not the kinda stuff I'd picture you doing - has an early Gaslight Anthem vibe, pretty tidy!



Thanks man, if you private mail me your email address ill send you all the songs.


Just fancied doing something a bit different for a change, got a bit drunk, and played ha

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It is great! Live?

Yeah, everything was tracked live barr the vocals and organ at the start. (apart from the last song which was just guitar and vocal recorded completely live).


Vocals were done in one take per track for the other 5 songs, as we didn't really care about getting it perfect.


We had been up drinking all night previously, so didn't have much of a voice left by the time it came to tracking them, so didn't really have much of a choice, other than just belting it and hoping for the best ha.


We tried tracking vocals at the same time as the instrument recording on the electric songs, but just couldn't get a clean enough track because of the volume everything else was (everything was cranked).


After recording like this I don't think I'll ever record anything else bit by bit ever again, as it was just so much fun to do.

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The production sounds pretty spot on for the style - good job!


Are you playing Aberdeen soon?

Yeah it was tracked by Robin Wynn Evans at Teapot studio in Perthshire.


It's a really basic setup (it's pretty much a cottage with a live room and a really old desk), but he's a traditionalist when it comes to it.


We wanted that sort of minimal production and simple process to track this.


Yeah loads, we have a bunch of shows


27th Feb - Downstairs

1st March - Sunday Sessions @ Korova

13th March - Moorings

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just discovered this on SC today even though it was posted over a year ago and listened to all tracks in one go. Its a big ask these days to listen to something from beginning to end as i think most peoples attention spans get less and less over the years (too many other distractions) and i think theres too much emphasis on how a band looks as opposed to how it sounds. I,ve got no idea what you guys look like as i missed the live shows however if i did see you advertise then i would check it out.I enjoyed all of these tracks. Not too taxing to listen to and its obvious you have,nt been too fussy. A big bonus was that there  were,nt many guitar solos if any. I will take a look at further material on band camp and will give you a mention on my site. I really liked the fact that almost all songs ended in a power chord with feedback. If i was to compare it to anything then it might be the Scottish band who did "the last to know" cant remember their name now and cant be arsed googling it. Sorry the feedbacks a bit late and hope you are all still together. 

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