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Saw these guy's for the first time at the Truant gig and what can i say..........

Awesome. i was unsure what to expect as so many people feel the need to bag them on here, but i wasn't dissapointed at all.

I was initially gutted as i was told earlier in the day that they wouldn't be playing due to Ben being ill, so i'd once again resigned myself to missing out on seeing them. So it was a welcome surprise when i noticed Dan and Jamesy shuffling over to the stage to set up.

Regardless of Ben's illness they put on a show that showed that not only do they have the talk but they definately have the talent to back it up. I've always been a fan of Dan's guitar playing, annoyingly though he just seems to get better and better. Ben delivers his vocals with depth and feeling and although he might not have the best singing voice, he's a talented frontman none the less.

A definite credit to the aberdeen scene with an enviable work ethic. i really hope these guys go far as they definately deserve it.


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yes, we've got a new song (babies don't sleep this well) which we played for the first time on sunday, and hopefully by halloween there will be another too (as we're recording it the day before :D)


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Jamesy deleted it - rather spontaneously I might add....

I would also like to say immense amounts of thanks to Alkaline for this thread. Really appreciate the kind words and always glad that someone 'new' to the band enjoyed our set! :D

Nae probs. I just tell it like it is. Would be coming to the halloween gig but my band (Cedar Rose) are playing with Cherryfalls at the Lemon Tree that night. Look forward to hearing some more new stuff as well.


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