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WANTED: Nintendo 64 plus controllers


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Hi there.


Have a Nintendo 64 lying around gathering dust?


I'm looking to buy one! 


I'd rather not pay shipping fees on ebay, so I'm trying my hand locally. 


Alternatively, if you think of anywhere that might sell them let me know! I've yet to check Cash Converters because I'm lazy!



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I might (and I really have to stress the might) have one lying around at my mum's which I could let go of. I definitely used to have one however my mum moved house a couple of years ago and some of my stuff did get chucked. I will be back in Aberdeen in about 3 weeks and can look then. So if you haven't tracked on down by then send me a pm to remind me.


Anyway I'm pretty sure my mum wants to stop being used as storage space for things I haven't considered important enough to want at all in the last 5+ years.

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Mine has all the cables and controllers, and AFAIK it all works, or at least it did when I last tried it. It isn't really suitable for a present though, whoever had it before me covered it in these crappy paper Zelda stickers that are all peeling and curled up. It's ugly as fuck tbh. 


No Zelda games. Goldeneye, Perfect Dark, Wrestlemania 2000, Mario Kart 64, I think that's it. I'm really not looking for much for it. If you want it, take it, make sure it all works and if it does you can send me the price of a few pints.



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NB: you need the RAM expansion pack to play majoras mask on the n64


I like the idea of playing on game cube as you can get a game that pretty much has all zelda games upto that point. plus ocarina of time is a master quest edition with added extras. Only downside is I like playing N64 Zelda games on an N64 controller

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The original Nintendo wii consoles can play gamecube games. You may have one of them!

The newer versions removed the ports for the gamecube controllers though.


true dat, and I ended up getting one with the ports removed.


older white ones have them, the funcy coloured ones dont

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