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instrument valuation


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I need to get a guitar and some drums valued. Mainly for insurance purposes but also for an idea as to how much I'd get for them if I chose to sell. I got the guitar valued around 10 years a go when I was in London. But looking for somewhere a bit closer to ABZ that know their stuff on vintage gear. I know strung out in Glasgow do valuations for insurance but any other suggestions appreciated.


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I would think your insurance company would have a preferred list of places that specialize in valuation of vintage gear , prices vary so much between what something might be "worth" and what the price might be somewhere like denmark street.   I'm sure R&B could value your guitar but it might not be the same figure you or your insurer would have in mind :(


just being nosey , what is the guitar ?

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When I renew my insurance I check what it would cost me to replace and declare that as the value. Quicker, easier and cheaper to use the current market than getting someone to tell you what they think it's worth.

Unless you've got some serious one off pieces of kit - in which case PHOTOS!!

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