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Car Tyre Recommendations?

Johnny Mac

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For buying new tyres I'd buy online and get somewhere local to fit them.  Black Circles are pretty good: http://www.blackcircles.com/


Laws in BoD are excellent when I've used them in the past.  Kwik Fit and McConnochies will fit the tyres but it's pot luck if they do a good job or try and rip you.  I use Kwik Fit in Stoney a lot and the price always seems to change between phoning and them doing the work.

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I've had good experiences with Laws also.


They put on tyres for me that were bought elsewhere also. 


If you do opt for an online purchase, either blackcircles or camskill are the places to look for good prices.


Which model of tyre were you looking at (and sizes)?


Cheers chaps, much appreciated.


I'm looking for 195/60r15 88h tyres.


Car has alloys.

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