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New Band 'Need to knows'


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So, since starting a band a few months ago, I find myself wanting to keep asking "where's best for this, or that, or this". Then it hit me, why not start a thread full of links?

I wouldn't bung studios in here though, that'll spark arguments and end up derailing this. I think.


Stickers, badges, t-shirts, tote-bags and shit loads more -


T-shirts -


Wanna put a cd up on all the major sites, including iTunes, in one fell swoop?


And everyone should know, but you still see some folk with a myspace link. So, a good set of social networking basics should include:

Facebook Pages*, Bandcamp, Twitter, Youtube, Soundcloud, Tumblr, big cartel.

*Pages. Not a fake person. No one wants to be your bands friend, only to have to like a page anyway when you realise you've dun goof'd.

So, where else would you recommend?

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I just didn't want some of the producers we've seen on here come in, then start massive arguments. Most of the time bands will know where to record. Be it from where they practice or friends who have reccommended. The sites I put up are ALL I know, i.e., it's the stuff that's more of a pain in the arse to find out.

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I get what he's saying though. Why would a new band need a t shirt? It's crazy. The thread is a good idea for all bands in general really, but it's a very valid point that new bands should concentrate on writing songs, being good, playing gigs and even recording before they start taking photos, getting merch printed up and whatnot.

I'm a bit fussy about this whole social networking side of things too, but that's a personal thing. Facebook pages still come across a bit like Myspace pages did, and it's all about getting "likes" (akin to the friend count on Myspace) instead of it being about the music. There's so many bands who have Facebooks, and Twitters and Soundclouds set up before they've even got any songs, and it's completely backwards. Bandcamp does it for me. There's no social network shite. No friends or likes or comments. Just your songs at a lovely sounding high quality, laid out so simplistically. Stick with that, and maybe integrate it into a blog when you've got gigs to promote and stuff to say. The rest can do one, as far as I'm concerned.

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