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ASCENSION Release Music Video For 'Somewhere Back In Time'


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Ascension shot the music video for Somewhere Back In Time in Sheffield in an abandoned factory.

The video will be featured on the debut album Far Beyond The Stars, which is being released through Spiritual Beast Records with distribution in Japan through Universal Music.

European, North American and UK dates TBC.

Let us know what you think of our first video!

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Typaically ridiculous, nothing less than I'd expect from Ascension!

Really like the tune, the video is hilarious, particularly the moody strutting into the warehouse at the start - but I think the same about just about any music video that isn't a bit of a pisstake.

Shot really well, only real critisism is that the sections with the camera looking down the neck could have been timed better so that you could see more going on during them, as it is a lot of the fretwork feels like it's just out of shot.

Looking forward to giving the record a spin though, you planning to do a couple more videos for singles from it?


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I'm not sure if it was just youtube or the embedded player but it looked like the video was a pretty significantly out of sync. Especially at about the 1:40 - 2 minute mark doesn't look like the singer is singing when he should be...

Agree with Alkaline the bass solo thing is horrid. The video and song are well produced so grats, it's just not my thing.

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