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Fudge Music Awards - Best Extreme Act 2012 ?

The Ghost Of Fudge

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Promoters 'Fudge' have been organising an annual music awards shindig celebrating Aberdeen's diverse range of bands since 2001. The 12th Fudge Music Awards will be hosted at the Moorings Bar on Saturday 11th Febuary, when three bands will play and we'll discover (in an easily-rigged but entirely-honest manner) which Aberdeen bands have really set your musical juices flowing over the past year.

You'll be able to vote here on Ab-Music, or via the traditional paper slips available at the Moorings on gig nights. We'll total these figures to arrive at our winners across various categories, who will be announced before their adoring public at the awards show.

So. Best 'extreme' act in Aberdeen this year? Six nominations. Do not question the wisdom of Fudge.


Your nominees are:

ABSOLUTIST www.facebook.com/pages/Absolutist/129215777136623

BONESAW www.facebook.com/pages/Bonesaw-UK/196462990378202


FILTHPACT www.facebook.com/Filthpact

KCHGH www.facebook.com/groups/341073612777/

TIBETIAN DAVE www.twitter.com/#!/tibetandave

You may vote for more than one option.


2001 - N/A

2002 - N/A

2003 - We Become Less

2004 - Karloff

2005 - Asian Morrisette

2006 - Karloff

2007 - Filthpact

2008 - Bonesaw & PVH (tied)

2009 - Ablach

2010 - Bonesaw

2011 - KCHGH

2012 - ?

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