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1964 Fender Precision bass


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A rare opportunity for someone , a pre CBS fender and you don't have to go to denmark street to get your hands on it :up:

1964 Precision bass , L series serial number

Sunburst , with good honest wear

Brazillian rosewood fretboard , minimal fret wear

Tortoiseshell scratchplate

Transition logo

Original chrome bridge and pick up covers (ashtrays)

Original hard shell fender case with orange plush lining

All original electrics with the exception of changed tone pot

Very light , plays like butter , very cool old bass

5000 8-)

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wouldn't call it a seeing off , more that people on there seem to know more about old fenders than me and it looks like I got done when I bought it :down:

One of the regulars has offered to give the bass a good look over if I send some hi res photo's and he'll tell me exactly how much I got done :swearing:

saving grace is I swapped a seventies bass which I bough brand new for less than 200 and some money for this bass so maybe I will not be too much out of pocket.

It's still a really nice bass , once I found out what it's worth I'll repost and maybe someone will get a bargain

ps , for anyone interested , it seems that there is a possibilty that the tuners on this bass are not the original ones and it may be a refinish (all be it a very old one) , when I bought the bass I believed it to be all original , it looks like I might have been conned :swearing:

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I think you have been either; Naive, unfortunate or greedy or a combination of all three. Those Basschat guys know their stuff and are very very polite..................especially to newbies who chance their arm.

I think you are assuming.......

I bought this bass in good faith from a dealer

it seems I was "maybe" done

I know the basschat guys know their stuff , I also thought I did

I am not "chancing my arm (and am unhappy at you suggesting it) I am just trying to sell a bass I no longer use at what is a fair price for what I thought it was ........I seem to be the loser here , if you think that's funny , good for you but please don't suggest I was trying to rip anyone off :down:

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ahh , I've just realised , it was your old dodgy combo I made a low (but genuine) offer for and you took offence , sold it yet ?

If you think I was trying to misrepresent this bass you are very wrong , I was chuffed to bits when after years of thinking about buying an old fender bass I finaly did it , I am now very dissapointed to think that I might have been had , one of the posters on basschat is going to be helping to check things out and hopefully it will turn out that the bass is mostly genuine 1964 and will be a good buy for somebody.

......usually about now a moderator or whatever sends me a pm about not posting crap other than offers to buy stuff in this forum so hopefully you'll be getting your message soon :up:

also , if same moderator would like to delete the whole thread please do so (I don't think I can) as the bass in not for sale anymore until I find out for sure how much has been changed on it :swearing:

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